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Republic of Myanmar

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An apostolic journey of the Holy Father Francis to Myanmar and Bangladesh (26 November - 2 December 2017) - Holy Mass with youth, official farewell from Myanmar and telegram to the President of the Republic of Myanmar

The Holy Father Francis came this mornings, after he left the archdiocese, for Holy Mass with young men in St. Mary's Church in Yangon. During the 15th period (4th 45th Roman period), he led the Eucharistic celebration on the Liturgy of Saint Andrew, which was celebrated by young men and women from all over the world.

And at the end of the ceremony, the Cardinal Charles Bo, H.D.B., Bishop of Yangon, welcomed the Holy Father. Following the last benediction, Pope Francis drove to Yangon International Airport for the formal departure from Myanmar. This is followed by the sermon given by the Holy Father after the preaching of the Holy Gospel.

When I look at you, the young in Myanmar and all those who are with us outside this disaster, I would like to tell you a sentence from today's first readings that echoes within me. "And the steps of those who bear good tidings are a welcome sound" (Rom 10:15; cf. Is 52:7).

I would like to use these words on you, dear young Burmese citizens, by hear your young voice and hear you singing today. Yes, you are "a welcome sound"; you are a fine and inspiring vision, for you are bringing us'good news', the good tidings of your young age, your beliefs and your thrill.

You are indeed good tidings, for you are tangible witnesses of the Church's belief in Jesus Christ, who will bring us happiness and joy and hope that will never be. When so many of us are in pain, some ask how it is possible to talk about good things? Where' s the good tidings when so much unfairness, impoverishment and destitution shadows us and ours?

In Myanmar, I want the young men and woman to know that you are not fearful of believing in the good tidings of God's compassion, for it has a name and a face: Jeez Christ. Being ambassadors of this good tidings, you are prepared to give a message of faith to the Church, your own land and the whole inferno.

And you are prepared to give good tidings to your afflicted brethren who need your prayer and your support, but also your passion for mankind, for righteousness and for the increase of the "love and peace" that Jesus proclaim. Firstly, how can men believe in the Lord if they have not known him?

Secondly, how are men to know of the Lord if they have no messengers to bear the good tidings? Number three, how can they have a runner if no one is sent? If you are a caring "father" (or better: "grandfather"!), I don't want you to struggle with these issues alone.

Allow me to give you some thoughts that will lead you on your path of belief and help you to see what the Lord is asking of you. St. Paul's first interpellation is: "How shall men believe in the Lord if they have not known him? When others are to listen to it and believe in it, they must find it in those who are genuine.

Humans who can eavesdrop! However, only the Lord can help you to be real, so speak to Him in your prayers. Teach to hearing His Vocals by softly talking in the deep of your hearts. Andrew was a modest fisher who became a great martyr, a testimony of Jesus' charity.

Allow yourselves to be led to Jesus by the holy ones and learn to place your life in His hand. Jesus is full of compassion, you know that. Like a peasant waiting for the harvest to blossom, the Lord will bring you much fruits, a fruits that you can divide with others.

Paul's second interpellation is: "How can they listen to Jesus without heralds? "Here is a great mission that is particularly dedicated to young people: to be "missionary disciples", ambassadors of Jesus' good tidings, especially to their fellow men and mates. Don't be scared to make a riot, ask a thought-provoking thought!

Paul's last interpellation is: "How can you have a courier if you don't have him? That can be a little scary because we don't always know where Jesus is going. In the Gospel today, how does our Lord transmit St Andrew and his brothers Simon Peter? He will call some of you to join Him as a priest and become "fisher of men" in this way.

Nevertheless, she had the nerve to rely on the "good news" she had received and to manifest it in a lifetime of loyal devotion to her calling, full devotion and full faith in the caring of God. May you all, like Mary, be tender but brave to bring Jesus and his charity to others.

My dear youngsters, with great love I recommend their motherly intervention to all of you and to your family. In the 45th hour (7:15 Rome time), the Holy Father Francis came to Yangon International Airport for the formal departure from Myanmar. Then he boarded a B737-800/BIMAN (Bangladesh Airlines) leaving Myanmar for Bangladesh.

The Holy Father Francis sent the following cablegram to the President of the Republic of Myanmar immediately after his departure from Yangon: when I leave Myanmar to add to my bangladesh trip to Apostolicism, I am renewing my deep gratitude to your excellence, the government and the loved nation of Myanmar for your heartfelt welcome and your generous hospitality.

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