The President Office of Myanmar

Office of the President of Myanmar

The President accepts letters of recommendation from British and Austrian ambassadors. For the resignation of President U Htin Kyaw. Myanmar's office has finally published the full list of ministers and ministries in the new Union Cabinet. Office of the President of the Republic of Myanmar. It is the President's responsibility to Parliament of the Union.

Myanmar's vacancy to be occupied within 7 working days: Office of the President - Xinhua

Yangon, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar's vacancy in the presidency will be re-elected to the Union Parliament within seven working day, according to a declaration by the office of president on Wednesday. This declaration was a continuation of the previous declaration announcing President U Htin Kyaw's intention to resign.

The first vice-president U Myint Swe will act as current president under the country's constitutional system until the president is re-elected by this House," U Zaw Htay, general manager of the presidential office, said to Xinhua. The resigning president said that he had recently had a successful surgery in Singapore and was in good physical shape, but he was insisting on his move.

72-year-old U Htin Kyaw was voted president on March 30, 2016, after Aung San Suu Kyi-led National League for Democracy (NLD) won the 2015 general elections by an overwhelming vote. Meanwhile, Myanmar's House of Representatives spokesman U Win Myint will step down, the deputy spokesman U T Khun Myat said during Wednesday's parliament meeting.

Aung Myay Thar Xinhua, a member of the Mandalay Xinhua regional council from the Aung Myay Thar said that the vacancy of the House of Representatives' spokesman would be occupied within seven working nights of the re-election of the president.

Myanmar Republic President's Office

I am very fortunate and honoured to have the chance to transmit this greeting to the celebration of the 62th Kayin State Day, which is taking place today, November 7.

The Kayin people consider this to be a good opportunity. I am sending these good wishes and greetings to all Kayin citizens and to all the Union's people. Our ethnical brethren and nurses, who are citizens of the Union, such as Kachins, Kayah, Kayins, Bamars, Mons, Rakhines, Shans, have always been living and working in union, through good and sorrow.

For example, in accordance with the 1951 Amendment Act, Thanlwin Distict of Phapon Region; in accordance with the 1952 Kayin State Enlargement Act, all contiguous areas of the Thanlwin District such as Kyarin Seikgyi Township, Kawkareik Township, Mt; Kawkareik Bwe Township, Pa an Township and Thandaung Township were identified as a second stage of expansion;

The Myawaddy area was called a township on March 1, 1960 and Kayin State was gradually established to welcome seven cities: Pa an Township, Pha Pon Township, Mt. Thandaung Township, Mt. Kawkareik Township, Kyarin Seikgyi Township and Myawaddy Township. For example, November 7, the date on which the President of the Union ratified the 1951 Amendment Act to call Thanlwin District Kayin State, was declared Kayin State day.

Kayin State Day has been held since 1955 and this year is the sixty-twoth ieth year that our nation has been lagging behind neighbouring nations in political, economic and socio-political terms for many years following the achievement of sovereignty due to misunderstanding and conflict. This is why the government of the Union, together with all ethnical groups of the nation, has sought to promote and reinforce nationhood for a lasting peaceful settlement.

It is at this point when the people of the country are participating in the pacification effort that the citizens have started to savour the fruit of it. Kayin state has developed under the lack of confidence and conflict between our people.

During this period we can begin to see and savour the radiance and fruit of freedom, but also the possibilities of evolution. Therefore, the inhabitants of Kayin State should stick to the good fundamentals and cooperate with the Government of the Union for Peacemaking and Kayin State Developmen.

It is of the greatest importance in the construction of the Union of Myanmar into a new democracies that all citizens of different nations have the possibility to take part on an equitable footing. Working for the state of Kayin, the government of the Union has invested enormous amounts in programming and work in areas such as transportation, training, health, developing the world' s population, energy, promoting people' s socio-economic lives and enhancing healthcare.

On the way to the new state of democracy, which adheres to the good bases of union and the good bases of human growth already attained, I am sending this greeting to call upon all of our ethnical brethren and nurses living in Kayin State to work together and to work in oneness.

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