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Pathfinder delegates visit other pathfinder federations in other countries. Bishops made their proposal after hearing of the Pope's plan to move the first stage of his journey from India to Myanmar. They all belong to the Rohingya, a terribly persecuted Muslim group. Many Rohingya villages have been terrorized in Myanmar, the human rights group says. Find out more about the Rohingya people in Myanmar and the current conflict.

Low likelihood of an ICC lawsuit in Myanmar: The Yanghee Lee

Rangoon - A leading UN legal affairs spokesman said Rohingya is still being prosecuted inside Myanmar, but cautioned that there is little likelihood that offenders will end up in the bar because they are being guarded by mighty alien confederates. The UN High Representative for Myanmar, Ms Yanghee Lee, spoke during a trip to Bangladesh, where more than 700,000 of the Islamic minorities have been fleeing a mass Burmese army safety campaign since August last year.

Myanmar has been charged with ethnical purge by the UN and the US after witnessing shocking stories of the rapes, murders and destroyed communities of Myanmar's displaced persons, right-wing groups and journalists since the beginning of the suppression in reaction to a string of Rohingya fighters' ambush. "Systematically violent repression of the surviving Rohingya people is continuing," the Southern Kurdish scientist said to Dhaka journalists after he visited southern Bangladesh refugee camps, where about one million Rohingya people now live.

However, she mitigated the expectation that Myanmar's general would soon see the interior of the ICC in The Hague and suggested that Russia and China would protect her. "The reference to the ICC under the present architecture of world forums, as you know, is that the (UN) Security Council must relate to the ICC," she said.

"There are two standing places on the ICC, as you know, which are Myanmar's friend and will not make this possible," she added. It did not name the states, but the former regular members Russia and China backed Myanmar in the Security Council and protected it against further censorship.

Burma has strongly rejected the allegations of ethnical purge and has presented its suppression as a legal reaction to the threats from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, a small mob. However, the Myanmar army has long used burnt soil against civilised people to penalise militants in areas of rebellion and to point to persecutions of the Rohingya that have been supported by the state for years.

Many in Myanmar's Buddhist population abhor the Moslem minorities, where they were deprived of nationality and illegals from Bangladesh were denounced, even though they named Rakhine their home country. Earlier this weeks UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he had listened to "unimaginable" reports of horrors during a trip to the Bangladeshit refugee camp and demanded that Myanmar be blamed for "crimes" against the Rohingya.

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