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BBC News App is available for Android and iOS devices. This is the successor of the newsstand app that was included in earlier versions of iOS. Find out how you can use the NEWS app to get your news when you need it on the go. Here you will find links to download the apps. As with other PWAs, News is equipped with an application shell architecture.

BBC News App gives you the best of BBC News wherever you are

The latest news and analyses from our global press and the uniquely personal tales behind the latest news have brought us the best of our media in one place. Please click here to get the BBC News App from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Please click here to get the BBC News App from Google for Android.

When you are not sure what fees apply, please ask your carrier.

BBC News on the App Store

Receive the latest news from the BBC and our worldwide journalist community. Tales are sorted by topic, among them top news from the UK, news from the UK, international news, political, economic, technological and sports. This app provides the BBC News Channel face-to-face in the Videos, Personalization and Souvenirs tabs, allowing you to rearrange news themes according to your interests.

Themes you have followed can be found on the My News page and can be reordered using the Edit feature. BBC News App provides the following: When you decide to get press alerts, Urban Airship will store a clear ID for your unit on BBC's name in order to offer you the services.

The BBC News Press alerts can be unsubscribed from the "Notifications" page of your machine. The BBC News App is regularly updated to fix problems and enhance system perfomance. While the BBC News app is as trustworthy a news resource as you'll find it, what we really like is how it allows us to build our own custom messaging channels.

Select from an amazingly extensive mailing lists and you' ll get the story you really care about. This makes the challenges of staying in step with the rest of the globe almost straightforward. Update 1 MARCH 2018 - Really disillusioned that today's updates did not reintroduce the merry-go-round for My News. Today's updated has, in my view, only made things even more difficult by adding to the number of story entries in the'Latest' section of My News, which for me is just a bewildering mess of story entries from the ones I've made.

Consider whether you would like to offer a merry-go-round display as before. When I look at tales in "My News" I really miss the roundabout game. There was a fast, succinct way to scan the story with my thumbs in all the different catagories I used. Allow a carrousel display options.

The old report is below - the new tabs system has taken out the concise views and the merry-go-round features as far as I can tell. That makes it more difficult to browse on an iPhone as I now have to choose my own feeding instead of having my few grid-style news.

The way it is, the new opinion has means that I have struck away a fewstars as it is less usable (the contents is still five stars). This latest upgrade, which launches the'compact view', has significantly enhanced my usability on the iPhone. The" Carousel" features complete the usability for me, as I can now simultaneously use my favorite newsfeed, which makes story scans easy.

A big thank you to the developer for the feedbacks - this is especially valued when other big app developer release'updates' every fortnight without significant changes.

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