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New Paper is a newspaper in tabloid form. The News International's latest top stories. See today's Pakistan news, world news, including videos & photos. New Paper (TNP) is Singapore's newest freeblatt. Largest news source for news in Uganda and the East African region ,Breaking news in Uganda and daily news and the latest from Uganda.

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New Paper is a paper in the shape of a table. Initially it appeared as "Mittagszeitung", but since 2016 it has been appearing as a free paper starting at 7 a.m. every day. There' s also a lunch issue that appears at the kiosks on Mondays and Thursdays and reports more about the soccer games that take place after the editorial deadline for the early part.

Singapore's second highest paying full-length British paper was The New Paper before becoming a free paper in December 2016. The FiRST was initially released every month, fused with The New Paper in May 2009 and was not released every month but on a week-to-month basis. This new paper is often likened to the popular paper Today, which opposes The Straits Times.

This new paper is aimed at those with a more eye-catching boulevard style with sensational media heads. Compared to The Straits Times, the reporting of reports on the latest developments in the world is very low. According to SPH, however, The New Paper presents "news with acute corners that can't be seen anywhere else" and finds its paper "stylish", "captivating" and "easy to read" while dealing with "complex topics".

The New Paper is aiming for a free distribution of 300,000 copies, in line with Today, the other free paper in Singapore.

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Savour the best of Singapore's oldest boulevard paper in PDF file form. Featuring the best blend of global and regional headlines, the latest economic and market updates, entertainments, views, lifestyles and sport from around the planet. View past editions with our archives and get more from our online ads. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

New Paper - Singapore Press Holdings

New Paper (TNP) is Singapore's newest freeblatt. Launched in 1988 as a paying paper, it has over the years made a name for itself in the journalistic community by receiving awards from the Society for News Design, the Society of Publishers in Asia and the Word Association of Newspapers and News Publishers for outstanding achievements in the fields of information graphics, photjournalism and newscasts.

It was revised in December 2016 and became a free paper after the merger with My Paper. Aimed at young people reading books at young people, the tabloids offer a new mixture of contents focusing on economic, labour markets, real estate, private finances and governance. It is available every day except Sunday and holiday.

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