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Descriptiveness / Subject:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw's 8th scheduled meeting completes officially...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw ends his 8th scheduled meeting.......OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: Preparatory sessions for the Union Peace Conference will continue...Preparatory sessions for the Union Peace Conference will continue...Over 6 million adult learners will have five years' experience of accessing official finance services...Universal Periodic Review - Myanmar Workshop in Nay Pyi Taw...Precipitation is set to rise in Kayin, Mon States over the next two working days. What is more, the number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will increase...The number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will increase...The number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will increase...The number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will increase...The number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will increase...The number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will grow...the number of people who will be able to participate in the conference will be able to participate in the conference...the number of people who will have a chance to participate in the conference.

Old Dway Ko's Hattrick helps old eagles found in Nyaung U...Shan advance to the semifinals...key people will be missing in the Aya Magwe game...EXTERNAL RELATIONS...EXTERNAL RELATIONS: Council of State to receive the special envoy of the Secretary General, the European Commission Delegations...71 Years of Martyrs' Day, which convenes the Central Committee, will hold the first coordination meeting...Vice-President U Henry Van Thio takes part in the Gems Emporium...Myanmar wins the prize for the best stand operation.

Migrants in Thailand must be registered by 30 June...Union Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Aung welcomes European Commission delegation...Myanmar Myanmar Employment Secretary, Ambassador of Denmark signs Memorandum of Understanding...Union Secretary Dr Pe Myanmar heads UNESCO Myanmar Office...EU issued Declaration on the signature of the Tripartite MoU, Independent Commission of Inquiry...Statement: "The release of waters through overflow canals does not mean that embankments will be dammed"...EU Secretary of State Lt-Gen Ye Aung receives European Commission delegation...Myanmar Myanmar Employment Secretary, Ambassador of Denmark signs Memorandum of Understanding...EU Secretary of Understanding on the signature of the Tripartite MoU, Independent Commission of Inquiry.:

hluttaw sessions:- pyithu hluttaw: seventh daily sitting of the eighth ordinary sitting of the second pyithu hluttaw held...amyotha hluttaw: amyotha hluttaw deputy proposes forestry law to guarantee transparence, disclosure....other dometic news:

Council of State welcomes interreligious delegation...Union ministries holding news briefing on second one-year achievement...Rakhine Implementing Commitee holding fifth session...School registration for 2018-2019 Academic year starts across the country...Efforts to open an international accredited Bago college..... Tachilek improved trading in the Tachilek frontier zone...Agro-exports decreased by 53 million dollars...Myanmar, China, is getting ready for the G2G deal to promote bi-lateral trade...Deputy Information Minister U Aung Hla Tun welcomes Dutch Ambassador H.E. Wouter Jurgens.

U Aung Hla Tun, Deputy Minister of Information, receives H.E. Wouter Jurgens, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Myanmar to make friends with China today.....Opinion: "Free information on China's on-line legislation will accelerate reforms"......ARTICLE: description/subject-:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: 4th anniversary of the 8th ordinary meeting of the 2nd Pyidaungsu Hluttaw took place.......OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: Foundation stone for the construction of the Eternal Peace Pagoda laid...Promotion of the South West Bune anticipated in the areas of South Burma...Workshop on public-private partnership in infrastructure development in Nay Pyi Taw...YBS will soon have to deploy the credit cards system:

Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association Secretary...New Jatiluhur type paddy cultivated in Leiktho Town, Kayin State experimentally...Monsoon farm loans of Ks 97 billion spread across the Magway region...Tatmadaw backs Amnesty International's revelation of the terrorist killing by Kayin State's terrorist organization Amnesty...Tatmadaw backs the revelation. Burma contradicts the growth of the populace near the Bangladeshi frontier... Myanmar's economy is expected to grow 6.

8 percent in 2018-2019 FY...Japan-supported Myanmar cellular operators launch points rewards program...Thura U Shwe Mann welcomes Singapore Ambassador...2018 Korea Expo opens in Yangon...Myanmar Legal Information System website launched in Myanmar, English. ...U Ko Ko Ko Shein appointed Myanmar's Foreign Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan.......OPINION: "Modern methods, education as the keys to a new agricultural system that can adapt itself to the changing climate"........ARTICLE:

"Response to changing climate" Description/Subject:DOMANDIC NEWS: More than 60 homes delivered to Maungtaw ethnical Mro...VP U Henry Van Thio inspecting Tiddim de Falam redevelopment...Opening of the new Kayah State Hluttaw in Loikaw, Kayah State...Minister of Union Lt-General Ye Aung inaugurates the Katha Technical College for Women...CPPCC Yangon VP...16thDr... Tin Shwe Literary Award Certificate....

Myanmar National Literature Award 2017...Union Minister Dr. Myint Htwe visits Hlinethaya General Hospital...Stake Celebration for Teachers Training Institute..... UNESCO " Description/Subject:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Request asks the government not to guarantee transparent taxation....AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: The eighth ordinary sitting of Amyotha Hluttaw will take place on the fourth day.....OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS:

Myanmar Saemaul Undong Project Steering Central Committee is holding its second meeting...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Committee is meeting...Thundershowers are due in South Castles...MNL referee to supervise the University Soccer Tournament....EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

"HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw documents the realization in Rakhine..... The PYITHU HLUTTAW: The eighth ordinary Pyithu Hluttaw sitting takes place on the 1. day...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: The eighth ordinary Amyotha Hluttaw sitting takes place on the 1. day.......OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: 4.800 Ks daily min. salary official fixed...Our strong point in the fight against the fire in Htein Bin:

MNHRC, UNDP are discussing the continuation of cooperation...Free hepatitis B vaccine, Japan' Enfalitis vaccine from 14 May...US tighten regulations on sea food and agricultural imports...Exports of forestry produce fall to $13 million...Imports of intermediates over $609 million, up $200 million.

"By Maung Tin Hlaing (Min- histry of Hotel and Tourism)... "Investment in Education" Description/Theme:DOMESTIC NEWS: "The Myanmar-China Friendship Association's eye has strengthened relations between Myanmar and China" Description/Theme: DOMESTIC NEWS: 11 business parks to be established in the Yangon region....Government approves establishment of loan offices. Coordinating session to release 100 Myanmar Classics...Work begins on building the Eternal Peace Pagoda...Promotion of southwest Monsoon over areas of southern Burma expected...Women in Kayah State supplied with cash...We will secure the rule of law. Don't worry, we'll do everything we can to help...We'll do everything we can to make the Pagoda a reality...We'll do everything we can to make the Pagoda a reality...We'll do everything we can to make it a reality.

Indemnification for family members of Maesot auto crash victims...Attempts to lawfully ship Myanmar avocado to China...Prices for legumes and broadbeans are rising because of India's grain imports policy...Ministry of Commerce demands growers not to plant commercially grown broad broadbeans this year..... "From Maung Muditar..." "The new UN reports demands that the Asia-Pacific region intensify its effort for sustainable regional and regional reforms by 2030" Theme: DOMANDIC NEWS:

Vice-President U Myint Swe speaks before the seventeenth Myanmar business meeting...Peace conference, which organizes clerks of working committees that meet...JMC-U Sixteenth session two continues...Over 14,900 employees in eight foreign nations have taken up work last month...Our aquatic resource needs to be preserved, cared for and managed: Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of India...Union Minister of Information Dr. Pe Myint is returning from Singapore...The World Bank demands Myanmar's Ease of Doing Business Reform...Maritime trading rises by 352 million dollars in April this year...Agricultural export falls slightly in this business year.

UCS Chairman participates in the Public Services Collaboration Program with China...SG Min Aung Hlaing welcomes the Indian Foreign Minister...We are in charge of the security of our humanitarian groups as they go into the areas of violent conflicts. The Kachin State Chief MinisterInterview with Kachin State officials on military conflicts...Leeds United beat Myanmar in the second friendlies match...Myanmar in the AFF U-16 Girls' Championship finals...OPINION: "We call on the sincere collaboration of Bangladesh to begin...ARTICLE:

"Filling the gap in business statistics for sustainability" Description/Subject:DOMÄSISCHE NACHRICHTEN: The JMC-U is holding its 16-th session at NRPC in Yangon...Pyithu Hluttaw spokesman talks about the leaders' debate in Nay Pyi Taw...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw is holding a session of the Joint Bill Committee...YCDC is cooperating with the IFC to upgrade the building permission system...Light lorries that are prohibited from transporting pupils to schools....

U Win Myint President welcomes Indian Foreign Minister...Pyithu Hluttaw Spokesman welcomes Nepal's Ambassador...Ministry of Health and Sport debates WHO funds...Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun welcomes WHO mission...14. May 7-11 in Singapore...Mandalay Region can receive over 500,000 visitors this year. Visit Muse River gates for 17 million dollars in April...Thai-Myanmar-G Thai-Myanmar-G Foreign Minister for 17 million dollars in April...Pyithu Hluttaw Spokesman welcomes Nepalese Ambassador...Ministry of Health and Sport debates WHO funds...Deputy Minister U Aung Hla Tun welcomes WHO mission...14. May 7-11 in Mandalay Region...Mandalay Region can receive over 500,000 visitors this year...Border trafficking at Muse River gates for 17 million dollars in April...Thai-Myanmar-G

The Indian Minister of External Affairs meets in Nay Pyi Taw...Senior General Min Aung Hlaing welcomes the Ambassador of Switzerland...The Minister of Public Security of China is visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda...Wholesale, retailing of goods by international enterprises allowed to do business in Myanmar..... Burma-Bangladesh are conducting co-ordinated patrols...Myanmar is playing against Laos in the semi-final of the AFF U-16 Girls' Championship today...Leeds United is co-organiser of the Children's Hospital in Rangoon.....Opinion: "Rangoon will expand, but only with accountable investment"....ARTICLE:

"Nursing and maintaining the Palm" - Win Chit (National Literacy Award Winner).... Public Notice for Demonstration" Description/Theme:DOMESTIC NEWS: ..Over 80 cases of fire outbursts in the Sagaing region..... With the help of the Dutch government, Myanmar is building a lock on the Panhlaing River estuary with the help of the Dutch government...Gold deals are declining as the university year draws closer....Local press staff are collecting messages in Maungtaw....The Ministry of Border Affairs is providing help for expellees in the state of Kachin.......EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Burmese citizens are volunteering to come back from Thailand...The Union Minister of Planning and Finance participates in 51st ADB related meeting every year...Mandalay fruit merchants are expecting to be exporting over 10 tons of fruit by 2018-2019...Gold merchants getting ready for import/export.... International purchasers favor premium grade raw materials from South Shan State...Help for returnees to Meise Town...Senior General Min Aung Hlaing gets Japan's ambassador...Interparliamentary Budget Supervision Workshop held....Statement: "Time to work harder for Dawei Special Economic Zone....ARTICLE...ARTICLE..:

United Nations Report" Description/Subject: DOMÄNDISCHE NACHRICHTEN: Minister of Union of SWRR met with expellees in Kachin State...Mon conducts policy dialog at Ye nation level...Minister of Union of the Interior participates in 72nd Myanmar Fire Service Days celebration...MPC's second lecture, books sale contest begins...8th real estate fair in contests in Yangon before anti-drug tag.....

Fire losses in Kayin State exceeded 92 million Ks....2nd year Chin State government performance in the office...Veteran journalists, experts talk about the democratic state, strong fourth pillar for Myanmar...NEXT GENERATION PLATFORM...Regarding the education budget...A whirlwind trip to Chaungtha Beach...My worthy vacation and a happy ceremony in my home...Why do we have to politely say...?...... Why do we have to say polite.....

Tourism arrives in Myanmar....The bilaterial traffic with France surpasses 244 million dollars in the running fiscal year...The frontier traffic through Myeik increases by 16.8 million dollars...Myanmar defeats Malaysia in the group game of the AFF U16 Girls' Championship...Patrick and Sylla stand as top archers in MNL-2018...Opinion: "Miners, businesses must obey regulations to prevent catastrophes in Hpakant Jademinen"...ARTICLE...ARTICLE...ARTICLE...MYANMARY defeats Malaysia in the group game of the AFF U16 Girls' Championship...MNL-2018...MESSION: "Miners, businesses must obey regulations to prevent catastrophes in Hpakant Jademinen"...ARTICLE.:

"Attorneys and Legal Media" Description/Subject: DOMÄNE NEWS: Council of State welcomed the international community's assistance in implementing the Beijing-Bangladesh agreement...UN Security Council mission visited Rakhine...More than 5,000 marches in Hlinethaya Town on International Labour Days..... UN Security Council delegates give briefing on Myanmar and Bangladesh...Over 57,000 overseas travelers are visiting Myanmar across the Tachilek border...Yangon governs to carry out no poll on power generation from waste...India-Myanmar India -Myanmar bi-lateral frontier exceeds $5.

"By Than Phyo Naing (Kanyinkyo)... Expedite the effort to combat atmospheric pollutants - WHO" Description/Subject: DOMANDIC MESSAGE: The Myanmar Press Council is conducting a second read of paper...The Union's Supreme Court is meeting to decide to listen to civilian cases...2018 Luyechuns meets with former Luyechuns...Notifications of new questionnaire for the 2019 March enrolment exam.....

Council of State welcomes UN officials...Minister of Health of the Union appeals to Vice-President of the Communist Party of Cuba...Republic of the Union Myanmar greeting message from President U Win Myint On the working anniversary of 1 May 2018...High Secretary-General welcomes Standing Representatives of the Standing Member States of the UN Security Council...Demand from China pushes the cost of soy up to China.

Descriptiveness / Subject:DOMANDIC NEWS: ..7. Committee on Private Sector Development Coordinating Session...Bamboo Shortage Affects Wicker Shop in Kanyutkwin...Demand for beef leafs rises as price falls...Sterculia versicolor mural culture grows in Myanmar. The second year of the Bago Regional Government's achievement in the office...The efforts of the Kayin Regional Government for peace and prosperity...Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met businessmen in Pyin Oo Lwin...KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation donated organic foams.

The Ministry of Public Works and Sport, which offers work on collaboration in the public works fire prevention sector...6. Media conference starts in Hpa-an....EXTERNAL RELATIONS: U Win Myint takes part in the ASEAN Summit's plenary session...The Union's Attorney General welcomes the Danish Ambassador...Foreign affairs exceed $1.5 billion in the fiscal year...U Kyaw Tin, the Union's Foreign Minister, participates in the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting...Yangon United goes to the semi-finals of the AFC Cup....Opinion: "Female empowerment, young people's training will foster the development of the country..."....Opinion: "Female Empowerment, young people's training will promote development"....:


Council of State meets in Hanoi....'We are prepared for repatriation'...Senior General welcomes the Chairman of the Myanmar Gurkha-Hindu Dhamma Association...Union Minister for SWRR welcomes UN Resident Coordinator...Ministry of Hotels and Tourism commissions Ms.... Juniko Koshino as tourist ambassador...Employee accommodation in Mandalay 2018-2019 GJ...Tourists entering Myanmar via the Tachilek frontier gate...Foreign enterprises investing in YBS...Five states do not attracting capital in last GJ....

"From Dr. Phyu Phyu Aye... Business Leader demand a stronger cooperation of the local and international sector" Description/Topic: DOMESTIC NEWS: Minister of the Union Dr. Win Myat Aye meet IDPs in Bangladesh...Pyithu Hluttaw spokesman U T Khun Myat welcomes ambassador of India to Myanmar...Development of elephant-based tourism...Minister of the Union for Health and Sport Dr. Myint Htwe participates in signing ceremony...Tourist arrivals in Myanmar rise in March...ADB predicts GDP grow of 7.

2% within two years....17-year-old Myanmar stun actor won first place at motorcycle competition in Bangkok...Foreign leaders sent congratulations to President.........MEINUNG": "Taming the Falling of Toddy Palms in Upper Myanmar" - By Zwe Htet Shin.... and " Newspapers to be alternately circulated, this Thingyan" Description/Topic: DOMANDIC NEWS: Hluttaw Amyotha spokeswoman received ambassadors from China...nion Attorney General U Tun Tun Oo received ROK Ambassador Lee Sang-hwa...Japan, South Korea formally recruits Myanmar fishermen...Myanmar worker dead in Thailand due to coach accident.

Myanmar's fisheries export reached the 20 year mark last fiscal year...Union Minister Dr. Vin Myat Aye heads the Bangladeshi delegation...70 years after the memorial book of the Foreign Ministry......MEINUNG": "Minute of merit every day" Description/Subject: DOMANDIC NEWS: ..Senior General Min Aung Hlaing welcomes Ambassador of Australia...Union Minister U Win Khaing to meet with PTTEP officials...FDI income flows surge in the property sector...Myanmar-China fans are bringing luck to children...OPINION":

"From Aung Thu... The IPRD; Increasing Social Know-How and Consciousness" - By Aung Thu... Published by Aung Thu... Published by Aung Thu... "Newspapers to be alternately circulated, this Thingyan" Project Detail / Theme: DOMÄNDISCHE NEWS: "84: Jubilee of the Innwa Bridge" Description/Subject: DOMÄNDISCHE NEUIGKEITEN: "Prevention of fire outbreaks"... "South East Asia must step up its effort to make headway in implementing the vision of the ASEAN community in 2025 and the UN 2030 agenda" Description/Subject: DOMANDIC MESSAGE:

1/2018 14. Growth of Tagu, 1379 ME(30 March 2018) Reorganisation of the Government of the Union...Republic of the Union of Myanmar Office of the President Notification No 2/2018 14. Growth of Tagu, 1379 ME(30 March 2018)Reorganisation of the National Defence and Security Council. Myanmar Office of the President Notification No. 3/2018 14. Growth of Tagu, 1379 ME (30 March 2018)Reorganisation of the Finance Commission...Dignitaries watch the investiture of the President.....EXTERNAL RELATIONS....:

Burma wants to support the Myanmar Stock Exchange for Tokyo next month....Myanmar deserves more than $2 worth of peace" - Dr. Khine Khine Win... Regional cooperation is the keys to developing a robust and viable area, closes the Asia-Pacific Forum for Development " Description/Topic: HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw appoints new president.....OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS....OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS..: Council of State monitors the presidential elections in Pyidaungsu Hluttaw...Second co-ordination session of the steering committee for the implementation of CONSAL XVII....Construction of the Yangon-Dala viaduct begins in May....

Myanmar's few covered turtle varieties raised in the Yadanabon Gardens in Mdy...New coach line begins at Computer University...Yangon Region to get more transformers...Government official and a privately held panel to debate the Magway region's agricultural and commercial sector...Fifth meeting of the OECD Southeast Asia Corporative Governance Initiative. "Dawei SEZ"........ "ARTICLE":

"ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (ASEAN-COCI), Myanmar" - By Hnin Myat Thu (Culture)... Strengthening resistance to environmental threats and investment in welfare schemes crucial to the achievement of Agenda 2030 in the Asia-Pacific region" Description/Topic: DOMESTIC NEWS: "IFC invests in the Thilawa River Port to build one of the first bulk terminals in Myanmar, to strengthen trade and competitiveness" abstract / subject: HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: MEPs debate the Nature Conservation Act, approve the ADB loans, 4th ed.

5 Billion Thai Railroad Loan........OTHER DOMANDIC NEWS: MR observes 47 million rail passenger of this GJ...Myanmar, Thailand launches together a free health program in the state of Kayah...YSX to create a dedicated taskforce for new businesses to enter the market...Myanmar's trading deficit is significantly lower due to increasing exports...47. Bangladesh's Independence Day, National Holiday...MEINUNG":

"centenary of the anniversary of Myanmar Tatmadaw" - Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja,Sithu Dr. Khin Maung Nyunt... Open Brief to Sandayar (pianist) Thein Win Hlaing" abstract / subject:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw meet today to elect the president candidates. HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw chooses spokesman, vice spokesman...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw votes at the 31st daily meeting.....OTHER DOMANDIC NEWS:

Tatmadaw and KNU met in Kyaukkyi for commitments in the Papun region...Papers on ethnical literary and cultural reading in Taunggyi...Kyrgyzstan defeated Myanmar to ensure qualifications for the AFC Asian Cup 2019......EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Key of Bangkok in Mdy...9thInternational Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Expo 2018 takes place...Myanmar must evolve the exchange for AEC plans...Muse trading in this financial year increased by 385 million U.S. dollars...Thai-Myanmar frontier trading has increased since April by 89 million U.S. dollars.....

"HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: MPs Debatte Mandalay University Upgrading, Unlawful Tuition Fees, River Riverside Erosion...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw Talks Power Supplies, Street Repairs. other german news: 136 villages in rakine to be watered...vp u Henry van thio in tachilek...yangon region goverment gives approval for 95 pundals during yangon....

Ngapali Strand rooms fully occupied for the Ngapali Waters Festival...Waste Waters Plants to be set up in Yangon Region downtown...Illegal Breeding Ponds to soon obtain regulatory status...Negotiating session on the Myanmar fishery product exported to Saudi Arabia. Council of State travels to Sydney....British travel group travels to Myanmar in vehicles...Singapore makes highest investment in accommodation, trade complexes...Rice, broken travel exports generate nearly $1 billion this year:...Pyithu Hluttaw Deputy Spokesman receives US diplomats...Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe receives Norwegian State Secretary Foreign Minister...Myanmar-Bangladesh commander meeting....OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting....OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION meeting...OPINION group visits Myanmar...OPINION making highest investment in Singapore....OPINING....:

ANOTHER INTERNAL MESSAGE: 2 million for the sale of old pearls...Upgrading of the Yangon Region map...Vehicle entry tickets held at the Man Shwe Set Taw Pagoda...Smartcards distributed to SMEs...Union Minister meet staff from state intelligence agencies...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Committee Coordination session....

"Exports exceed $30 billion and break new records before the end of the year" Description/Theme:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw discusses transfer of internally displaced persons to Rangoon...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Bulgaria clears credit crunch for small and medium enterprises, approves new banks....OTHER NEWS:

FIRST SPORTS 15 MARCH 2018 THE GLOBAL NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR 16 ROM - Roma made it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first 10 years in 10 years, when Edin Dzeko defeated them 1-0 against Shakhtar Donetsk at the Sta- di Olimpico on Tuesday and won the Italians after the draw at the away goal.

Pyithu Hluttaw Deputy Spokesman U T Kun Myat received IPU Programm Managers for Technological Cooperation...Thura U Shwe Mann received Ambassador of Italy...Amyotha Hluttaw Deputy Spokesman U Aye Tha Aung received IPU Programm Managers for Technological Cooperation....MEINUNG": "6 "6 Leaders in Myanmar Enterprises Invite to Work Together for Gender Equality on International Women's Day" Description/Topic:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw Talks on the Energy Sector...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw Talks on Highway Works, Corruption...OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS:

Fishing establishment award for MFFs, prawn breeding areas...The prize for dried potatoes on elephants' feet is rising this year...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw organizes a common session of the Bill Committe coordinating meeting...History, not UN, will be the ultimate justice over Rakhine......EXTERNAL RELATIONS: U. Htin Kyaw President welcomes retiring UAE Ambassador to Malaysia...Bilateral trafficking with the UAE in the current financial year surpasses $120 million...Amyotha Hluttaw Spokesman Mahn Win Kyhaing Than welcomes retiring UAE Ambassador to Malaysia...Pyithu Hluttaw Spokesman U Win Myint welcomes retiring UAE Ambassador to Malaysia...Thura U Shwe Mann Denmark Ambassador to Myanmar...Myan Myan..Thura U Shwe Mann Myan...Thura U Shwe Mann Myan...Myan Myan...Myan...Myan...Myanan

Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Accounting Board holds coordinating meeting...Union Supreme Court sitting to adjudicate, hears cases...Press briefing on Rakhine State on March 14...Union Minister of Education inspecting enrollment examination...Ethnic literary event arriving in Taunggyi...Over 40 fire bursts declared in Kayin State...Beehives in a big scarlet screen tree...Over 40 beehives declared in Kayin State...Beehives in a big scarlet forest...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Accounting Board meeting...Union Supreme Court sitting to judge, listens to cases...Press briefing on Rakhine State on March 14...Union Minister of Education inspecting enrollment examination...Ethnic literary event coming to Taunggyi...Over 40 fire bursts declared in Kayin State...

Government adviser, JPN trade mission talks about cooperation...Pyithu Hluttaw spokesman U Win Myint welcomes Japan trade mission...Government adviser visits Australia...Government adviser welcomes retiring Malaysia ambassador...Gold markets chilly after Chinese New Year...Traders not accustomed to YSX on-line trading....Opinion": "Myanmar, a tough people"...ARTICLE:

ANY OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: Swimming Inle supermarket opens in November...Five people die when the mini van plunges into the canyon in the state of Kachin...Raw Jad bricks confiscated during a motor vehicle raid in northern Burma...Yangon gov't makes a suggestion to set up a farm zone...Prices for octopus rise due to low availability.... Fiscal authorities issue a notice on the application of trade marks issued by the: a: a: a: a: a: a: a: a: discussion of a: a: bill to change the Television and Video Act (8/1996); a: a: a: rain; a: thunderstorm probably in the Bago, Yangon, Taninthayi regions; a: decrease in Ye fishery resources due to poisonous species; a: a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery resources; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fishery graduates; a: decrease in the number of Ye fisher fisher fishery:

EU Minister briefed on Rakhine, Frieden, Demokratie at UN side event....State Secretary to receive China's PRC and Bangladesh Minister of Energy....Trilateral Ministers' Conference on the Myanmar-China-Bangladesh Electricity Trade Initiatives.... Burma should achieve the 2017-2018 GJ target...Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is returning from Singapore...U Aye Tha Aung is returning from Vietnam...Union Attorney is receiving ILF Chief Executive...U-21 U-21 FA Squad created for the Brunei Challenge Cup.....MEINUNG":

WER " Description/Subject:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw debates the taxation system....OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: ...Rain, storm in Kachin awaits, Shan States...Press statement on the act of UK deputies in the context of the Rakhine question and the European Union Foreign Affairs Council ruling on Myanmar. Yangon raffles off Zwekapin United in the MNL U-19 tournament...MNL games in March rescheduled for the AFC squad......EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Discussions about the 60-year-old Myanmar-Japan travelogue:...Senior General Min Aung Hlaing participates in the 15th ACDFIM...U Aye Tha Aung met with chairman of Vietnam's National Assembly...MPT handed over money from mobiles using services to UEHRD......MEANING": "The UN stresses the need for measures to strengthen the position of Asian Pacific females on International Women's Day" Description/Theme: HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw discussed student healthcare policies.

AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw passes modified peace convention law.......OTHER MORE NEWS: VP U Myint Swe demands closer collaboration with the privat sector....Tatmadaw, Myanmar Press Council holds fifth Myanmar Press Council workshops.... The Maungtaw District Deputy Commissioner trifft IDPs im Rakhine State...Peace Commission, KNPP hält inoffizielle Treffen ab...Nationwide Matric examens commencent...Yangon United trouve Cebu Global en 2018 tournée AFC...Cours de l été de l'UNICEF de football...relations externes pour les enfants :

Council of State welcomes departing ambassador of Japan...President U. Htin Kyaw welcomes departing ambassador of Japan...Seintalone Mangos, which will be shipped to Italy this year...Japanese engines arriving in Rangoon after the construction of the Ring Railway...Deputy Minister of Information welcomes the authorized representative of KAS...19. ASEAN-COCI, successfully hosted in Rangoon...Opinion":

Bio, PGS certificate to be exhibited in June...Lu Ye Chun Thazin in Kyaukphyu...Shan State Security seized 74 kg of opioid during home search...Myanmar's maize store and its prospects...Rural residents in Mahlaing municipality receive power from national grid...Farmers' voice listened on Farmers' Day...U U Mai Ye Hung Win appointed chief trainer of Myanmar's U-19 teams.

Consumables import up over $466 million since April last year...Japanese-Thai JV opens Myanmar fertiliser plant...Myanmar-Viet Nam Handel currently exceeds $538 million...ASEAN commercial secretaries are planning to crank up e-commerce in the region...Myanmar U-15 footballers competing in the Hong Kong tournament.........OPINION": "Officials of the Government are exploring ways to enhance the processes of government and policy development in Myanmar" Description/Subject: DOMANDIC NEWS:

The Myanmar Fisheries Association wants to check the crossing to combat disease....Commemoration of the ninety-sixth birthday of the Pa-O Nation Day...Rakhine Traditional Shite-Thaunghmyaut or Sandpagoda celebration is being held....More people come to Kyaiktiyo than last year.... The rice and food flown to Putao, Kachin State...Contract to purchase girders of iron for Kin Chaung Bridge...Ministry of Labor to issuance of ID Card Smart...Former U Win Thu Moe U EFA player appointed chief trainer of Myanmar women's squad......EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Space for investment in Thilawa SEZ....message of greeting from President U. Htin Kyaw, President of the Republic of Myanmar, on the Farmers' Day celebrations taking place on March 2, 2018....US freighter makes forced stop at Yangon International Airport.... Government does not draft law to safeguard indigenous manufacturers in 2025 Aid Covenant AEC...Livestock companies valued at less than $5 million do not need ministerial approval...MIC authorizes nine overseas, municipal investments...Contract to purchase girders for Kin Chaung Bridge...Myanmar-Japan Lethwei fighting in Japan......Opinion":

"Farmers' Day on 2 March" - By Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja, Sithu Dr. Khin Maung Nyunt... "EU Local Declaration to End the Illicit Trafficking of Wild Animals" Description/Theme:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: Two New Subscribers Become Members of NCA.......OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS: "Nothing Is Better than Peace": Council of State On the seventh JICM in Nay Pyi Taw, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi calls on Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker to "hold trustful talks"...Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker respects the leader of Shwekyin Sasana Sayadaw...Meeting to implement developments in Rakhine.

...Myanmar is at the bottom of the simple commercial rankings...Myawady gates sees records in ITC trade...Trial for Reuters journalist continues...Innwa Bank opens Kyimyindine branch...Graduate diploma ceremony...U Kyi Lwin appointed chief trainer of Myanmar men's squad...Southern Myanmar U-19 teams lead MNL with victory over Yangon....EXTERNAL Myanmar U-19 victory over Yangon...EXTERNAL Myanmar...Myawady gates see records in ITC trade..Trial for Reuters Journalist continues...Innwa Bank opens Kyimyindine branch...Graduate diplomatic ceremony...U Kyi Lwin appointed chief trainer of Myanmar men's squad...Southern Myanmar U-19 leads MNL with victory over Yangon....EXTERNAL Myanmar U-19 leads MNL with victory:

Council of State welcomes ROK ambassador...Council of State, Ambassador of Australia discusses bi-lateral cooperation...Bilateral deal between the US and Myanmar worth 568 million dollars this fiscal year...Myanmar reports a 3.8 billion dollar trading shortfall this fiscal year..... Australasia prohibits the import of Myanmar's beefbeet: beef exporter to take steps for violation of regulations...Chin State selected for tourist promotion...MNHRC, Democracy International Reportign MoU signature MoU Turk tourist exploring Myanmar.......opinion":

"Inle Lake Long-term Recovery and Sustainability" - By Dr. Khin Aung Than... "Government Officers are Exploring Ways to Reinforce Machines of Governmental and Policy Development Processes in Myanmar" Description/Subject:DOMANDIC NEWS: Sixth Session of the Seventh State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee Closes... Women's Center: "From Ko Ba (Kathar)..... "Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw Internacional Airport and Asia World Port Terminal are supporting votes for MOMOS" Description/Theme:DOMESTIC NEWS:

Sittway explodes with three IEDs...State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee examines last year's efforts...Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko gives money to monasteries...Meeting to develop Myanmar film legislation.... UMFCCI, MIA meet on power and power sector...Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint participates in meetings to publish 100 Myanmar books...Third Director from Myanmar and India - General Level Discussions on Drug Control...Black opioid valued at 130 million Ks secured in Pinlebu Town.

More than 853,000 tourists from abroad are visiting Myanmar from the Thai border...Coffee monitors from abroad are visiting Ywar Ngan Town...Animal food plant is opened in Thilawa SEZ-A...Watermelons that sell well in the Myanmar-India frontier town...Imports due to Myawady frontier collapse around 21 million US dollars...Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief Honor Aung La N Sang...OPINION": Descriptiveness / Subject:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw sets course for new records on Rakhine State...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw debates street improvement, building of parks.

OTHER DOMANDIC NEWS: 70th Chin National Day in Nay Pyi Taw...Very few bird species found in Moe Yun Gyi Lake....Sheep, sheep farmers, goats are planning the establishment of a breeding area. The 47-member member of the Steering Board of the Seventh State Sangha Maha Nayaka Komitee held...Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Komitee gave a coordinating meeting...Ayadaw Thanakha value-added produce, cosmetic preparations on the domestic market....EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Myanmar, Bangladesh Frontier Police meet...State Council welcomes delegation from Chief Executives Organization...Yangon welcomes next months Yangon Puppet Show Competition Worldwide. Come next month...Forestry exports are struggling to satisfy overseas demand...Myanmar East Asia Commerce surpasses $10 billion this year...Myanmar Forstprodukte Export 2018 will take place...Trade with the Netherlands will reach $148 million in 2017-18 FY...Union Minister of Information, Minister of State...Yangon will welcome next months Yangon Puppet Show...Myanmar East Asia Commerce will exceed $10 billion this year...Myanmar Forstprodukte Export 2018 will take place...Trade with the Netherlands will reach $148 million in 2017-18 FY...Union Minister of Information, Minister of State...Union Minister of Information...Union Minister of State for Information....Union Minister of State for Information....

Council of State celebrates the seventieth jubilee of Myanmar-Russia diplomatic relations...Union Minister, Dutch Ambassador speaks about bi-lateral cooperation...Thura U Shwe Mann welcomes Dutch Ambassador to Myanmar...Dental student leaves the country for an intern in Japan. Myanmar and Germany have signed a declaration of intent to preserve Bagan's rich culture...The Union Prosecutor General has received the Japanese Ministry of Justice's Director...Bagan wall paintings to be soon restored...Shwe Myinzu Pujaniya Festivals 149 Buddha Pagoda.....MEINUNG":

"By Dr. Seinn Mya Mya Aye, Consultative Neurologist....Child Labour" Description/Topic:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYITHU HLUTTAW: Pyithu Hluttaw discussed Streets, Bridge Building...AMYOTHA HLUTTAW: Amyotha Hluttaw discussed Educational Infrastructure...OTHER DOMÄSTIC NEWS: The Legal Committee calls for precautions against sex assaults...Gov't calls for the eradication of children's labor to be a matter of course at the country's level...Message from U. Htin Kyaw, President of the Republic of Myanmar, on the occasion of the 1970th China Day celebrations...The many faces of pumpkins in bottles along the way...Pilot loan grant scheme for female farmer in arid region...Forest fire kills 6 million Ks of chicken farming.....

The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Committee is holding a coordinating meeting...The Union's Supreme Court is holding a session to judge, listen to civilian cases (certiorari)...Burmese "photographers" who are now available in Myanmar...Officials are taking steps to guarantee the proper running of admission tests in Maungtaw...60% of Yangon's cultural legacy building is being subjected to weak-point analysis...Opening ceremonies for public service training...10-10 Training in public service...10 The opening ceremonies for public service training...60% of the Yangon's cultural legacy building are being subjected to weak-point analysis...The opening ceremonies for public service training...10..The European Union's Supreme Court is holding a session to decide on the issue of the "Burmese photographers" who are now available in Myanmar:

"From Maung Thaung Win (former diplomat)... Team from India helping Myanmar to preserve shrinking types of tigers" Description/Theme: DIRECTIVE NEWS: 100m for the modernization of Lake Mingalar...Magyichaung bridges almost completed.... Charity organizations are offering free split lips and gums surgeries in Loikaw this month...Police are hunting for a man charged with having killed an ex-wife...Fischer is dying in an Andaman Sea accident...line of Myanmar photographs at the exhibition...Yangon is also making 2018 MPT MNL Tourney.......EXTERNAL RELATIONS:

Myanmar, Russia celebrates 70-year jubilee of foreign diplomatic ties and: investment goods imported by the privat enterprise continues to decrease... Myanmar makes 753 million dollars from legumes exported by this GJ... Myanmar-Bangladesh frontier trading rises by 13 million dollars... The rice exported so far has exceeded 3 million tons...Sr generator Min Aung Hlaing is visiting the Sothon Wararam Temple in Thailand...OPINION"...OPINION"...Sr generator Min Aung Hlaing....OPINION"...Sr is visiting the Sothon Wararam Temple in Thailand...OPINION"...OPINION"... Myanmar is visiting the Sothon Wararam Temple in Thailand...: "Myo Myint Than (Manset Myay).... It' s urgent for a more real ist approach to conservation" Description/Topic:HLUTTAW SESSIONS:- PYIDAUNGSU HLUTTAW: 2nd Pyidaungsu Hluttaw 7th legal session Seventh days meeting....Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Committee meeting....OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS...OTHER DOMESTIC DOMESTIC NEWS...OTHER DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC.....OTHER DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC DOMESTIC MEESTIC STEMESTIC:

Don't squander this occasion on two ethnically based groups who have signed a cease-fire in Nay Pyi Taw...Bogyoke Aung San's anniversary, Myanmar Children's Day meetings at NLD headquarters...I want to remember you all not to miss this opportunity: The US Embassy in Rangoon commends the signature of the NCA...Council of State met with Chinese and Indian UNESCAP representatives...Minister of Borders of the Union, Lt-Gen Ye Aung, received Singapore Ambassador to Myanmar...First joint ministerial co-ordination gathering on Myanmar-USA consular affairs.......OPINION":

"The New Mon State Party Chairman will give a keynote address after the NCA signing".

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