The Nation of Myanmar was formerly Called

Myanmar was formerly known as the

Mission is possible for our nation and our people. The first American president to visit the country formerly known as Burma. The border between Burma and Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) is essentially Muslim. He shouted "bye bye friends" in accentuated English.

Was Aung San Suu Kyi to return the Nobel Peace Prize?

The irony is that the informal head of the national government has a Nobel Peace Prize, even though a popular Internet appeal has prompted them to return it. The Rohingya have been living for hundreds of years in the state of Rakhine, an unbelievably impoverished area in the southwest of the state on the Bangladesh frontier. Not only are they deprived of nationality, according to a United Nations human rights report on the year' s crises, they are also exposed to all sorts of atrocities.

Some of the victims of violent rape were injured. Humans were imprisoned in their houses and burned to death. It is such a serious state of affairs that some 120,000 refugees have left their houses and crossed the Bangladesh frontier in the last twoweek. It blames the regime and says they are facing indecent acts of gender murder.

However, the administration says they are terrorism and they have the right to protect themselves. Mr Aung San Suu Kyi was a great hopeful for a restless people. In 1988 she formed a National League for Democracy, but was placed under home detention in 1989 before the parliamentary elections.

In 1991, Daw Suu received the Nobel Peace Prize for her "non-violent fight for democracies and respect for mankind ", which was regarded as "one of the most exceptional models of civic bravery in Asia in recent decades". It took two years before they could receive their prize and hold the Nobel sermon, where she said famously:

The state of Rakhine skyrocketed in 2012 with a string of violent conflict between Rohingya Muslims and indigenous Tibetan buddhist groups. Houses were burnt, wives violated and men on both sides murdered. In the same year, violent events compelled tens of thousand of Rohingya to escape Myanmar, board shaky vessels and sailing to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai asked her co-prize holder to denounce "this terrible and disgraceful treatment" this weekend. Burma is impoverished but unbelievably pretty and has recently opened its boundaries. "Myanmar's charm is instead in small, easy amusements - a single bicycle tour through lonely churches, a walk through the unspoilt hills, a cruise by ship at sundown in the huge lake," he writes.

She will never be president of Myanmar, and she will never be able to rule the military or stop the war. But your vocal will always be unbelievably strong.

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