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This output contains all areas of the general messages. Myanmar citizenship: Paths of being in and out of Burma

It has undergone wide-spread, albeit sometimes unequal, reform, such as the beginning of a peacemaking operation between the Myanmar administration and the Myanmar army and some two tens of people' s organisations with arms that have long been struggling for greater independence from the militarised and Burma-dominated state. Included in this volume are sections by Myanmar and international scholars and articles by leading figures from politics and society discussing the importance of Myanmar/Burma as a nation.

It examines nationality in three major categories: questions of identification and conflicting interests; discussions on approaches and practice of nationality; and inter- and intra-Community questions, which include Buddhist-Muslim relationships. It is the first to deal with these questions, comprehension and resolution that will be at the heart of Myanmar's further transformation from violent to authoritarian.


The Myawady Daily reported last night that paint manufacturers in Bagan are on the brink of disappearance. In the past, lacquer crafts were made by many in the Bagan region, but today they are interested in other companies that can make them more cash, such as restaurants and hotels.

As a result, paint manufacturers are at risk of disappearance, said U Maung Muang, president of the Myanmar Paintware Producers Association. Prior to 2010, many Myanmar lacquer goods were produced in excess and had a place on the global markets. However, in recent years exports have declined significantly and an increase in cheaper counterfeit paint products is now occurring in Myanmar, which may have a detrimental effect on the paint goods markets in Myanmar.

"At the moment, paint retailers are convincing young people in the area to protect the paint products sector from the threat of extinction in the Bagan region. In addition, the paint retailers are working with the federal administration to manufacture paint products by craftsmen from Bagan's Paintware College," said U Ngwe Aung, a paint manufacturer from Nyaung U Township.

To prevent the extinction of lacquer goods, lacquer goods dealers organize annual encounters and seminars with Asiatic states. There are currently only seven industrial paint shops and a few small companies in the Bagan area.

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