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It is the general snack that you can find on every market place in Myanmar. World Bank CESD joint study on labour mobility in Myanmar begins. The Yadana off-shore natural gas fields in blocks M5 and M6 are operated with a share of 31.24%.

The Yadana off-shore natural gas fields in blocks M5 and M6 are in operation with a share of 31.24%. In the Andaman Sea, about 60 kilometres off the Myanmar coastline, the natural gas production site is mainly delivered to the Thai petroleum and natural-gas giant PTT. Yadana also covers 50% of internal consumption through two pipeline projects constructed and run by the state-owned Myanmar Film & Television (MOGE).

Exploratory work is currently underway on the following blocks: We are marketing Petro Chemicals from our S├╝dkorean JV in Myanmar.

Peace Center Myanmar

This was inaugurated on November 3, 2012 with a European Union start-up funds (member of the PSDG) and four homes provided by the Myanmar administration. It organises active training courses and workshop on confidence-building and peace-building. Further information on its organisation and activity will be published at this point in the report.

Myanmar's government opened the Myanmar Peace Centre (MPC) in Yangon as part of an arrangement with the Norwegian-led Peace Assistance Donor Group. The Peacebuilding Committee was set up to provide assistance to the Central Committee of the Union for Peacebuilding and the Peacebuilding Committee for the Peacemaking Proces. Coordinating all peacemaking efforts, it serves as a central point of contact for donors' regimes and INGOs wishing to contribute to the peacemaking processes.

It will also act as a meeting and negotiating forum for senior governments, members of national militias, civic organisations, as well as INGOs and donor organisations. Myanmar peace centre is playing a pivotal part in the building of a tranquil country, including Myanmar's people. Contributing to a lasting and comprehensive policy solution for the good of all Myanmar's people.

Myanmar peace centre fulfils its mandate by offering political and strategy consulting and coordinating actions of the Myanmar administration in five main areas: The Myanmar Mine Action Centre (MMAC) will supplement the effort to reach the targeted goals as a special mine-clearance operation in the context of the Middle East and Myanmar Mine Actions.

The United Nations Bureau of Project Services: UNOPS, on mandate from the United Nations Fund for International Humanitarian Aid and at the behest of the UN Country Team and the Resident Coordinator, is providing vehicle, communication and administrative facilities to facilitate the daily operations of the MYPZ. President Barroso and Aung Min at the Myanmar Peace Centre (MPC) jointly endorsed a statement to foster dialog between all parties involved in the Myanmar Peacemaking Process.

To create the MPC, the EU is financing it with 700,000 euros, which will be followed this year by a comprehensive programme that will also benefit the nationalities. The EU will provide a combined 30 million to the Myanmar Peacemaking Initiative in 2013. The members of the Union Peace Making Committee spent two weeks observing peacemaking in Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland and the United States of America.

Trade Union Minister Aung Min, Trade Union Ministers Khin Yi and Win Tun, Deputy Attorney General Tun Tun Oo and members of the Myanmar Peace Centre. The United Kingdom mission held meetings with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Secretary of State William Hague and other UK civil servants to consider Myanmar's peace work.

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