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Burma is the country most affected by poaching and human trafficking. Myanmar Times is looking for a full-time deputy business editor for its award-winning news team. The Rohingya problem in Myanmar is a "humanitarian crisis": Myanmar Times & Annual Reports. The Myanmar Times and Annual Reports:

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Formerly a pulsating occupation, the film fixators disappear. Young crowd participates in a government-sponsored sail program to help Myanmar recover some of its precious metals. Mung Maung, audio-viewer, record label enthusiast and historic. Following in his father's steps, U Maung Lay crossed the Ayeyarwady River with her aquatic..... I' m Aung Soe Hein. He thought he might be in the wrong job.

The Myanmar Times founder Ross Dunkley detained in the big meth seizure

Rang-Yangon Yangon P.D. detained Australia citizen Ross Dunkley, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the Yangon-based Myanmar Times paper, in his home in the Bahan community early Thursday mornings. May Thein Win said that Dunkley had been tried by law enforcement under sections 19(a), 20(a) and 21(a) of the Anti-Drug Act.

A number of Myanmar-speaking papers report that a foreign national and six locals, some of them wives, arrived in handcuffs at the Bahan Peninsula Precinct. The suspect was taken into custody on Thursday, according to statements by the authorities. Dunkley's arrests attracted attention among locals when anti-drug squad chased charges of a landmark drugs incident in Port Kelang, Malaysia last months and the next morning after arresting one of the main perpetrators, Haj Yassin, Ay Maung Maung, in the Mandalay Division.

Netizen speculated whether the Dunkley case was somehow related to Malaysia's drugs promotion, as Haj Yassin had ties to overseas drugs groups. The Myanmar Times was founded in 2000 by Dunkley in association with Sonny Swe, the brainchild of a infamous Myanmar secret service commanding Officer, Brigadier General Thein Swe, with the approval of then head of espionage, Khin Nyunt.

In those days, investment in Myanmar was an extreme challenge for foreign investors. Mr Khin Nyunt and many MI executive officer prisoners, among them Thein Swe, who was convicted to more than 100 years in prison, while Sonny Swe - now Black Knight Medias chief executive officer and founding director of Frontier Myanmar news agency - was detained for 14 years for not forwarding publication coverage to the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division.

Myanmar Times is currently in the possession of Pepsi U Thein Tun and is publishing both Myanmar and British languages. Dunkley was convicted in 2011 of about a month in jail for attacking and drugbing a 29-year-old girl he dumped in a night club after taking her home on his Inya Road.

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