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Uzabase Inc Japanese media company on Monday said it has agreed to buy business news site Quar. Women Rohingya giving birth after rape in Myanmar. U.S.," said the Department of Homeland Security in a press release.

Show all news articles ". Burma opens peace conference with ethnic rebels.

Most of those who have found shelter in neighboring Bangladesh have reported slaughters, rapes and firebombing by troops who are said to have thrown small babies into the open fire.

Most of those who have found shelter in neighboring Bangladesh have reported slaughters, rapes and firebombing by troops who are said to have thrown small babies into the open fire. I' m Penny Murdant, the Minister of Foreign Affairs: At the beginning of this monthly, the ICC in The Hague, which falls within its jurisdiction, asked Bangladesh to accept a petition from Mrs Bensouda for measures to deal with allegations of the deportation of Rohingya Muslims across the frontier.

This violent manoeuvre was first triggered by Rohingya rebels, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), attacking Burma's west Rakhine state at the end of August. However, it was not only the army that was targeted by Aars. Witnesses to the killings and abductions of Hindu village dwellers last August reported to the Rakhine and Bangladesh police that an Rohingya group of gunmen assaulted them with weapons and sabers.

It' s not clear why Burma' s small Hindus - which makes up only 0.5 percent of the people - has been picked out and previous statements by the Burmese authorities about ARSA's odious crime have been rejected. There were eight who said they either saw Hindus kill their loved ones or listened to their cries.

Formila, 20, said she had seen how Arcade warriors killed wives and warriors. "I' ve seen men hold women' s head and head and others hold their knife. On the same date, 46 Hindus vanished from the neighboring town of Ye Bauk Kyar. "The horrific assaults by Arza were followed by the Burmese military's ethnical purge against the entire Rohingya people.

In the midst of racial purges, Australia called on to break off connections with Myanmar's army.

Australia has asked Amnesty lobbied Australia to immediately stop its $300,000 Myanmar aid programme and help set up a case for the pursuit of internationally accused criminals against the people. The Amnesty has published a document identifying 13 high-ranking militia officials who they believe are most guilty of violations of human rights against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine state.

"Amnesty' s Myanmar scientist Laura Haigh said, "We want to get a signal to Myanmar's intelligence team. "It was not a string of villain troops or villain troops, but a strictly regulated surgery that the Rohingya only focused on the identity.

" But Amnesty said it relied on his discoveries from more than 400 face-to-face interviews, mostly with victims or immediate evidence of the attack, as well as legal health investigations and sat-images. In Myanmar's police force, the HRG thinks there are many people who should be brought to justice for committing a crime against the people.

"We want Australia, as a member of the UNHRC, to work towards the creation of an accounting system that would help to gather and maintain proof of the crime of the military at levels that would be acceptable to a court," Ms Haigh said.

Meanwhile, Amnesty said Australia should stop educating the Myanmar army. "Ms Haigh said: "We want to see an immediate end to our engagement and support with Myanmar's Myanmar policeforce. Amnesty' s top of the agenda is Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the Myanmar Army Commander-in-Chief.

"He is one of those we believe are responsible for committing crimes in Myanmar against people. "Another high-ranking person is Brigadier General Thura San Lwin, commandant of the paramilitary border police, who has been charged with arresting and torture suspicious Rohingya fighters. The other two main players were the commands of army forces with a reputation for violating the law, who were sent to the state of Rakhine in the coming months before the so-called "evacuation operations".

The European Union earlier this month warned of penalties against seven members of the armed forces. Myanmar's junta has previously rejected almost all accusations that force is a legitimate answer to a Rohingya fighter-terrorism. Questions to the Myanmar authorities - Amnesty and ABC - were not answered.

He also blamed Rohingya warriors for serious violations of people. The 25th of August, warriors of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacking policing stations triggered Myanmar's military intervention. He said Rohingyas, who was considered an informant, burnt two towns and slaughtered 54 Hindus in a one-off outrage.

"Every cosmopolitan inquiry must also deal with these abuses," the Amnesty reports.

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