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Burma: Call for proposals Accountability Fund. We need to step up our efforts in the fight against drugs as a national priority. Strengthen the fight against drug abuse. A number of news reports have called the protests the Saffron Revolution or ??

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A call for the submission of human rights fund nominations has been issued by the Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Message of the..... A call for applications for the Accountability Fund has been published by the Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch embassador, Wouter Jurgens, took part in the Dutch embassy's mission to North Rakhine from Myanmar.....

Dutch embassy is looking for an executive assistant and an administrative assistant, both of whom hold important posts..... You are a researcher, businessman or a keen troubleshooter interested in finding more foods with less bottled waters..... The Dutch human rights organisation Tulip 2016 is now in a vote.

In the framework of the Partner for Waters 2016-2021 program, will launch a new call for proposals in mid-July 2016..... Netherlands Foreign Ministry has agreed that new Netherlands passes will be issued at the Embassy of the..... Burma/Myanmar's detailed report on the Netherlands' drinking and waste management problems has been turned into an.....

Myanmar: Time limit for the report on the rape of Rohingya to the UN

Myanmar should respond to a United Nations committee's demand for information on the military's responsibilities for the rampant violation of Rohingya wives and daughters in North Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch and Fortify Rights said today. Both groups provided the commission with an 11-page collective account of acts of sexual assault perpetrated by Myanmar's Myanmar police against the Rohingya village people in 2016 and 2017.

By November 2017, the Standing Group of Experts overseeing the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Womens (CEDAW) asked the Myanmar authorities to present a progress review on the position of womens and young females from Rakhine's North by 28 May 2018.

So far, the CEDAW Commission has only asked for such an "exceptional report" three time. CEDAW' s motion followed a number of accounts of army-led assaults on Rohingya Muslims, which included large-scale murders, rapes and other forms of sexually assaulted Muslims, and wide-spread fires in several hundred predominantly Rohingya communities, which have forced more than 717,000 Rohingya to escape to neighbouring Bangladesh since August 2017.

Human Rights Watch and Fortify Rights' collective statement contains information from several hundred rohingya refugee interviewed in Bangladesh, 37 of them female and male victims of rape in August and September 2017, mainly by bands of uniforms. There were also numerous others who saw testimonies and victims of rape in groups, resulting in group rape, bite, kicking and other bodily mistreatment.

CEDAW also asked the Myanmar authorities to give a full account of all attempts to achieve equity and other redress for sexually assaulted persons and to ensure that Rohingya woman and girl have adequate sex and reproduction healthcare. The successive Myanmar authorities have been persecuting the Rohingya for many years, refusing them the right to nationality, free mobility and equitable publicity.

The CEDAW should call on the Myanmar authorities to do so: Gender-based assaults, such as tortures, are often followed by long-term traumas and serious psychological effects such as fear, depressive disorders and post-traumatic strain disorders. The Rohingya survivor of sex assault and other assaults should have at their disposal long-term healthcare and a way to fairness and a volunteer, graceful and secure homeward journey.

The Myanmar military was added to the UN General Secretary's "List of Shame" in April 2018, a directory of military personnel and military groups whose members are believed to have committed acts of sexually assaulted people. Myanmar's authorities have refused the United Nations fact-finding missions and UN extraordinary reporters further permission to enter North Rakhine.

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