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On the way to the airport I had a few hours for a flight. Visit the circus in Bushwick at The Muse! The latest schedule information can be found at MindBody Online. The New Luxe Living in the Phoenix Art's District. Daily open;

see for opening hours and entrance fees.


Attend the Bushwick circuit at The Muse! The latest timetable information can be found at MindBody Online. Courses must be booked 24 hours in advance to make sure they take place. We kindly ask you to please review MindBody for imminent share price losses. Don't miss to go to our Guest Workshops page to discover even more possibilities for trainings!

The open practice is open every day from 9:30 - 21:45, unless otherwise stated.

Muse Apartments | Inspired urban life in the heart of the Phonenix Art District | Muse

Muse is just a few minutes walk from some of the best musea, theatre/opera, concerts and restaurant in the valley. Reclaim your days back by taking advantage of Phoenix's Valley Metro Light Rail across from Muse. The muse is inspired urban life. Let Muse's Press Coffee provide you with energy every single working hour, just a few minutes away from home.

Situated on the groundfloor in our shopping centre, Press Café is a hot and relaxed place to get together, work, socialise or just have a great time. The Press coffees are passionate about the fine workmanship of coffees with coffees from Ethiopia, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Sumatra and Guatemala.

Bounce by to fetch a mug; or stick around and work with Press high-speed Wi-Fi link; or buy Press Bohnen to become your own brewmaster, Muse inhabitants will never, never without a big mug-o-joe! MUSEUM IS LUXURY IN THE PHOENIX ARTS DISTRICT. You will find the quality of life you earn and the comfort you like.

The muse is a place to relax and recharge your batteries. The muse is a place to keep in touch. We' ve got cosy lounge areas, tranquil workspaces and a local café where you can use our Wi-Fi lounge. The muse is a place of fellowship. The people of our village are passionate about life. To make life at Muse look like a neighbourhood, we support various cultural and social initiatives.

And our inhabitants are always up to date on the latest news about our gastronomic and artistic activities. The muse is verdant city life. Our communities are concerned about our deserts and strive to be environmentally responsible.

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