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Merriam-Webster's definition of "success" is that anyone who is rich, respected or famous is successful. There are 3 better ways to define success in your career Merriam-Webster defines "success" as anyone who is wealthy, respectful or renowned is a winner. Indeed, as part of a recent readdress success promotion the Strayer University has asked Merriam-Webster to amend the formal definition. This definition suits me better - it still contains the above mentioned one ( "it can be your goal to earn a lot of money"), but also those who think outside the box. However, it is not the only definition that I like.

I have been motivated to create three different ways to create your own definition to understand how you measure your own performance. Take a sheet of hard copy and a pens and record the five achievements you are most proud of. Please be aware that these are not your "greatest" achievements, but those you find most positive.

Once you have achieved five achievements, try to find one or two topics that you share. Have all your achievements required bravery? Our joint topics tell you what your long-term visions of sucess are. My shared topic, for example, was "creativity" - when I find an unanticipated or imaginative way to solve a particular issue, I really think I am succeeding.

After I had reached a certain stage in my development, I thought I would buy the boots. Recognizing the "successes" that you have not made fortunate, you can begin to substitute your own definition of the company. As a rule, succes is a target that could only be achieved after a few weeks, a few month or even years. But part of the definition of your own definition of the term means determining what it would mean in the next few day, hour or even minute.

I would not consider myself to have been effective until I had achieved these objectives. However, by transforming the process itself into a result, I felt much more than that. "Defining your own success" is one of those objectives that may sound great but is difficult to achieve. But these three policies have really made it easier for me to create a personalised definition that works better for me.

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