The Muse Concert

Muse Concert

Recently I was at the DC concert for the Drones tour and was pretty close to the stage. Scroll down to see our events, or click on the Events tab. How does it feel to go to a muse concert?

I' ve been to the muse concert twice. For the first I was in Detroit, where I sat quite far away and had a side glance at the theater. Coachella 2014 was the second qualifying round where I made it into the pits. Briefly, their achievement is simply stunning.

They not only have a large selection of tunes, their tunes also have "somehow" theme. Taking advantage of these issues, the group stages a life theatre show in which a bloke in a wetsuit is running around pretending to be a mad, wealthy one. The whole act is filmed and shown on big canvases.

Here is the act I was speaking about (go to 2:50 pm timing of the video): At the end of their track "Survival" they had fire that lit up the top of the theater. Besides, her lyrics are really well suitable for rocking music. They' re really gifted (especially Matt with vocals, jump and play guitar).

Ain' no autotuning and everything soundin' genuine. You put a great deal of strain on the overall performances and try to perform at the same time what is amazing (some of these reps are pretty difficult to jump to play, plugin baby...look at you). Your lyrics also have a true leap for you.

One of my favourite tunes (go to midnight 0:50 and look at the amount jumping at 1:00 a.m.). That' what they talk about when they say visuals:

Five unbelievable things we saw at the muse concert.

Muse concert was more than just a show in the arena." The Muse concert was a full audiovisual event between the round theater, the drone-powered street lamps hovering through the stadium, and the mostly immaculate performances of an incredibly close, experienced stadium rocking group. The Muse, for the outsider, is the UK based musical ensemble with the immaculate musicality that published their first full length record in 1999.

Comparing with Radiohead at first, the group developed their own mix of electronic and synthesis-driven pop songs, played arena games on their home playground before crossing the Atlantic and achieving similar results in the United States. Matt Bellamy, bass player Christopher Wolstenholme and percussionist Dominic Howard are the band's biggest assets.

Wolstenholme and Howard's apparently telecinetic syntheses form a rocky basis for Bellamy's tuneful singing and his good underground guitars. Drones published their 7th Drones recording session this sommer. It is a conceptual scrapbook with conspirative images of the New World Order and filmic blossoms. Friday night's concert at the Gila River Arena in Glendale showed that the group was not only satisfied with making the record, but that the show expanded the band's ambitions to include performing as well.

There are five things from the Muse concert that made us breath breathless. As U2 and Muse have raised the standards for upcoming shows, other guys should take a closer look. "is an old theatre concept that refers to a round platform on which the public surrounds the actors entirely.

Our actual Muse Route takes place exclusively as a roundtrip. I' ll never know why more arenas do not. The majority of concert performances take place in a very uniform manner. One of the ends of a rectangle is a platform, and the public grabs the front until there is no more room.

The line of vision to the scene gets more and more bad the further you get away from the actions. Praise to the Half Moon Ballroom for recognising that you can offer a better event if you place the platform on the long side of the square room and not on the shorter side. It'?s like arena aren?t made for big gigs.

They are designed for sports competitions where the pitch is up and down on the floor of the stadium. The Muse ( and U2 in May) resolved this by actually recognizing what arenas are best at: setting line of sight for something in the center of the area. Muse placed a huge round platform above which she erected a solid light and walkway system from the Gila River Stadium truss.

Thin, outstretched branches create the circle shaped platform, so that Bellamy and Wolstenholme can go out into all parts of the stadium and perform. And Bellamy was singing all dark from at least seven mics. It'?s every stadium show that should be playing in the round. In the course of the years, drone systems become more and more present in our daily lives, so Muse rejoices because she has recognized an art use.

Perhaps the group fitted out a dozen transparent suspended spheres with light and droning engines and flown them through the stadium at dark during various song nights. There was a point where the UAVs line up above the platform and act as a swimming light. On another point, they circled the stadium like planet orbiting.

Muse show concert creators had this imaginative feature - drone - that had very little (possibly no) precedent within a real life musical environment, and you couldn't help grinning and watching the action. In many places during the darkness, a series of almost unseen monitors from the runways descended onto the platform, onto which various pictures were screened.

When Bellamy and Wolstenholme were standing and playing at the opposite ends of the stadium, two huge puppet string handed fingers seemed to control the members of the group. There was an almost flawless fusion of the theme of the conceptual record with the actual concert performances.

Metropho Phoenix didn't show up for muse. Nevertheless Muse still played like in a crowded game. There was nothing that could make the whole thing collapse. Before the show, a liability waiver came from the referees at the venue and informed the public that it was free to take as much pictures as it liked during the entire show, but not to use lightning.

Audiences: Old enough for a group that' been around for almost two centuries. But before Muse came on stages, the set crews were jogging out of the tunnels in shocktrooper equipment. and never really showed up again. Although it was nothing more than a costly, imaginative way to get the right folks to the right place for the show, it was one of many small details that really made this concert special.

Is Matt Bellamy recognised as a great guitarist of his age?

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