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A man tries to kidnap a two-year-old in front of McDonald's while his frightened mother antagonizes him.

Manhunting is under way after a frantic mother fights a man who tried to kidnap her two-year-old girl in a mall. Older investigators said the familiy was "incredibly shaken," but unharmed by the "terrible experience. She was out to the grocery store with her two kids and her grandma when they were contacted by a man in front of a McDonald's store.

Cops said he took the infant by the wrist and tried to take it away. Policing was intensified at the Merseyway Shopping Center in downtown Stockport, where the event took place on Monday around midday. Stockport CID's Detective Inspector Julia Bowden said that shortly afterwards the cops were notified of the event and an inquiry is under way.

"It was a frightening moment for the whole familiy, and they are unbelievably shocked by what is happening. Manchester police said: "We're not going anywhere: "One of the mothers had been buying groceries with her two kids and her grandma at the Merseyway Merchant Centre when a man outside McDonald's called.

"and tried to move her. He was described by the whole familiy as between 35 and 45 years old and about 5ft 9ins high. You can call the cops at 0161 856 9770 with information.

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