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Original data are taken from the country profiles for fisheries and aquaculture. Areas of the Department of Assistance and Relocation and Partners. For more information, please visit the MIMU website at

. Progress in case reporting in Myanmar is very encouraging. Yinmabin municipality map of the Sagaing region.

The United Nations in Myanmar | MIMU

Since Myanmar's liberation, the United Nations (UN) has been present in Myanmar. UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator is the chief UN officer in Myanmar for relief, reconstruction and aid work. The UN RC/HC - Office of the UN Resident / Humanitarian Coordinator co-ordinates the UN and its partners' international aid and aid work. It improves the efficacy and effectivity of these workflows.

The UNOCHA - United Nations Office for Coordination of Personal Affairs, in cooperation with domestic and foreign stakeholders, mobilises and co-ordinates efficient and fundamental humane measures to relieve personal distress in the event of catastrophes and emergency situations; supports the rights of those in need; supports precaution and preventive measures and makes it easier to find lasting answers.

The UNIC - United Nations Information Center provides a trusted resource for up-to-date information about the UN and provides information to a broad spectrum of individuals, among them reporters, administration officers, civic groups, academics, educators/researcher. The MIMU - Myanmar Information Management Unit provides a joint information sharing platform for the international human and economic communities through increased co-ordination, gathering, processing, analyzing and disseminating information.

Undersecretary UNDSS - United Nations Department of Safety and Safety provides safety consulting for the designated official, Myanmar Peace Management Team, UN agencies, programmes and funds, INGOs and UN implementation partners. The UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund stands up for children's human dignity and helps to satisfy the needs of the world' s poorest and most vulnerable groups connects to the world' s education and training networks, is committed to bringing about changes and linking nations with the experience and skills needed to help them live a better world.

The UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees directs and co-ordinates the protection of displaced persons, internally displaced persons, internally displaced persons and displaced persons, solves the problem of displaced persons and reduced statelessness around the world. UN HABITAT - United Nations Urban settlements Programme supports the social and ecological sustainability of people' s communities and the creation of appropriate accommodation for all.

The UNODC - Unite Nation Office on Drug and Terrorism supports the Member States in the fight against illegal narcotics, criminality and intoxication. The UNFPA - United Nation Population Fund supports the right of every man, women and children to a healthy and equitable world. The UNESCO - United Nation's Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization helps promote international cooperation through educational, scientific and cultural activities.

The FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations is working to increase food standards, increase agricultural production, enhance the life of the countryside and help the global population. The UNIDO - The UNIDO - Industrial Integration Organization aims to reduce poverage through integrated and sustained industry and its activities. The ILO - International Labour Organization promotes the possibilities for men and woman to maintain humane and prolific work.

The WHO - the WHO - World Heath Organization is committed to ensuring that all humans reach the highest possible standard of wellbeing. The UNAIDS - United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS is bringing together the effort and resource of ten UN systems organisations to help the global community avoid new HIV infection, treat those already affected and alleviate the effects of the outbreak.

The OHCHR - High Commissioner for the Protection of and the Promotion of Human Rights supports and safeguards the full realisation by all persons of all those who enjoy the full benefits of the United Nations Charter and of all those who enjoy the full realisation of the full benefits of the full benefits of all those benefits enshrined in the United Nations Charter and in relevant UNHR. The UNOPS - United Nations Office for Project Services extends the ability of the UN system and its partner to carry out important measures of humanitary and economic policy for those in need.

The UN World Womens programme supports the equal treatment of men and women and the emancipation of womens at federal, provincial and world level as well as in the work of the UN system. The IOM - Capacity Building International Organization for Migrations supports the ordered and dignified governance of immigration, fosters transnational co-operation on immigration matters, provides help in finding concrete answers to migratory challenges and provides human aid for immigrants in need.

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