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MIMU map. The MIMU is a joint information exchange service for humanitarian and development communities in Myanamr. For more information, please visit

"Tamu Township Sagaing Region" (PDF). MIMU. http://www.themimu. info/; Country.

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It is Myanmar's northernmost state with border to India and China as well as Tagaing Region and Shan State (North). The Kachin is Myanmar's second biggest state with an area of 89,039 km2, subdivided into 18 cities. Myitkyina is the capitol of the state of Kachin. Approximately 1.44 million inhabitants (HMIS 2011 data) or 16 persons per km2 make it one of the most sparsely inhabited countries in the state.

29 % of the inhabitants are living in city areas, the other 71% are living in countryside areas. In this section you will find information on the cross-governmental co-ordination structure, national policies and roadmaps and other key documents of relevance for co-ordination, programming and resources allocations. In this section you will find a set of Town Hall Profile of the General Administration Department - 2017 and Department of population - Census 2014.

In this section you will find both Myanmar related information/best practices and Myanmar related information/discussions.

Who' doing what, where?

The website provides up-to-date information on WHO (which organisations) do WHAT (what activities) and WHERE (where) to help organisations and donators better target audiences to meet human needs. Every six-monthly, the CRAs exchange information on their envisaged, current and recently concluded operations, based on sectors and subsector boundaries defined by the various technical/sectoral working groups operating in Myanmar.

2W information is made available to the general population and shows scheduled, current and recently finished project information, while charts and spreadsheets only show project information that is in progress at the moment of information-gathering. Actors can specify the degree of detail of their 3D datasets that are limited (not published), e.g. the name of the villages for proposed actions for which definitive approvals aredue.

Myanmar 3W is regularly reviewed every six month with contributions from organisations and agents across Myanmar. For the 3W, the required information is as follows: 3W comprises the UN, international and national NGOs, community-based organisations, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, donors and embassies that carry out local operations in Myanmar.

WAS identifies the scheduled, current or final activity by sectors and subsectors that have been defined by clusters and sector/subject-based working groups. The name of the projects, the sector/sub-sector and the starting and ending date are specified by the agency. The WHERE defines the geographical location of the activity at the state, community, village and village levels.

Myanmar 3G is associated with location code (P-codes) that identifies over 67,000 communities across the nation and enables cartography of the 3G information. - A set of downloadable 2W input forms by geographic area and guidelines for entering information for the 2W can be found below. Of the 219 organisations that covered their activity throughout Myanmar in this 3 W Round, 99 were INGOs, 52 NNGOs/CBOs, 34 frontier organisations, 23 UN agencies/IO and 8 Red Cross offices.

There are 22 sectoral and 154 sub-sectors. Select your sector or state/region or special interest region using the fields below and the corresponding data will be displayed. Select your sector or state/region or special interest region using the fields below and the corresponding data will be displayed.

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