The Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago

Is there mobile radio, electricity, WiFi or even air conditioning? Mergui Archipelago Excursions " Mergui Archipelago comprises more than 800 untouched, largely deserted islets, practically insulated and in their state. Along the Myanmar coastline and southwards to Thailand is a globe awaiting to be explored and home to unspoilt maritime and territorial eco-systems. It is also home to the last nomadic breed in the hemisphere, the Moken, who have been one with the country and the oceans for generation.

Making the Moken and the sea live on the verge of dying out. MABR' s Manaia projects focus on 4M's - mappings, megafauna, monitoring and the Moken tribes - will help to better comprehend, record and protect the Mergui. Basic data on sea creatures, the state of sanitation of reefs and fisheries stats are essential for a better knowledge of the impact of developments and will support regional conservation plans.

Surveillance: The sifting of seabirds, sea creatures and mega fauna will be monitored and we will also gather specimens of plankkton and microplastics. We' ll also check our waters and chemicals. Observing different facets of the island we can get a "complete picture" of the moment. It will help to identify sea creatures, assess the state of fish stocks and regularly publish videos that document our work and work.

Naval megafauna: In addition to our expedition monitors, we will also investigate isolated shores for tortoise spots, sea grass meadows for sea gong trails and interviews with locals about their diet. Special focus will be on the shark on the isles. We are exploiting shark finning and we will regularly carry out research in ports and vessels to better understanding which fish types are used.

We will also use our submarine videos to help us locate all the sharks as we cruise the isles. It'?s known as the token people: Most of the last seagoing gipsies have established themselves on the isles. Our aim is to explore the effects of modernisation on their cultures and lifestyles, and also to use advanced tools to help them better their own lifestyles, retain their own customs and lifestyles, and use the mokens to protect theirs.

We' ll conduct an interview with communities on the island and with "populated" communities within Thailand.

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