The Mandalay Bay Resort

Mandalay Bay Resort

Located next to the legendary Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, our non-game oasis is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds. MGM, Mandalay Bay's proprietor, has filed a lawsuit in Las Vegas. The MGM Resorts International on Friday lodged a complaint against the October 1 shootout in Las Vegas. Algerian government said it cannot be held responsible for fatalities, injury or other damage that occured in the carnage, which caused 58 persons to die, the Las Vegas Review-Journal report. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino's proprietor, MGM Resorts International, has brought a suit against the bodies of last year's Las Vegas execution, alleging it had no responsibility for the massacres that killed 58 souls.

And MGM Resorts International lodged lawsuits in California and Nevada on Friday alleging that it could not be made liable for the fatalities, injury or other damage caused by the October 1 shootout, the Las Vegas Review Journal said. The MGM quoted a 2002 Swiss government bill citing businesses using "anti-terrorism" technologies that "can help avoid and react to massive violence," the review journal said.

In this case, the firm argued that the bill is true because the safety that employed them for the Route 91 Harvest Celebration - whose participants were attacked by the armed - was confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security for" Protection Against and Response to Act of Massive Violation and Destruction," according to the report - Journal.

A Las Vegas attorney who represents several casualties, Robert Eglet, tells the paper that the submissions were a step towards taking the cases to a federal tribunal instead of a state tribunal. "I' ve never seen anything more monstrous where they take the victim to trial to find a magistrate they like," Eglet said to the review journal.

"In these cases, the Federal Supreme Court is a suitable place and offers the parties concerned the possibility of a solution in good time. Year-long trials and trials are not in the best interests of the victim, the fellowship and those who still heal." Shooter Stephen Paddock murdered 58 and wounded several hundred others as he fired on concert-goers from his room on the thirty-first floor on October 1.

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