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Latest news in Myanmar

Myanmar Industries Craft & Services has called for the creation of a labour force. KKMU products from Shan, Kayah states exhibited in Taunggyi. KKMU products from Shan, Kayah states exhibited in Taunggyi. Myanmar is not ready to return from Rohingya, Red Cross chief says. The Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since the violence broke out at the end of last month.

Canadians impose Rohingya abuse penalties on Myanmar

On Friday, the German secretary of state Chrystia Freeland said that the German parliament has issued penalties against a high-ranking member of the Burmese army under the new Canadian law on people. The Maung Maung Maung Soe is under attack for his part in the violent safety campaign against the Rohingya Muslim minorities in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar as a target of the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Org.

The Freeland Ministry stated in a declaration that Maung Maung Soe "believes the Canadian government board member is accountable or accessory to serious breaches of international recognised international humanitarian law perpetrated against people in Myanmar who wish to practice and protect their humanitarian and liberties. Myanmar's actions by Myanmar's armed and safety force and Buddhist self-justice have been described by the United Nations as a "model example of ethical cleansing".

More than 688,000 Rohingyas have been displaced from Myanmar, also known as Burma, to take shelter in neighboring Bangladesh. "It is very important that everyone understands that there will be a sense of individual responsibility for racial cleansing," Freeland said. "against Rohingya's rights."

Myanmar warlords and civil chiefs have a duty to protect the basic humanitarian values of all and those who have been guilty of these horrors must be brought to justice, Freeland added. "It is particularly important for Myanmar's junta command to realize that the world's eye is on them, that they are being called to account for what they are doing by the global community, and that really must stop.

At the end of last year, Maung Maung Soe was penalised by the United States for his part in the Rohingya war. Ottawa revealed a new sanction register for 52 people in Russia, Southern Sudan and Venezuela accused of corrupt practices and serious breaches of international humanitarian law in November, less than three week after Canada became the 4th state in the hemisphere to pass a Magnitsky bill.

Recent sentences against Maung Maung Soe come just one full days after Bob Raie, Canada's UNRC for Myanmar, made a declaration pointing out that the situation in Myanmar is not favourable to the Rohingya refugees' comeback. "All I saw last weeks has increased the profound challenge for the Rohingya people in Myanmar, the need for public responsibility for possible human rights violations and the need for greater cooperation and action," said Ra.

Although she has been living in Myanmar for generation after generation, the Rohingya Islamic minorities are seen by many in the Buddhaist mainstream of the nation as an illicit fifth pillar - Bangladeshi occupiers who should not have residence or civil liberties in Myanmar. In Myanmar, even the word "Rohingya", which relates to their homeland in the Rakhine state, is highly disputed, where many Buddhists use the word "Bengali" for the oppressed group.

Recent crackdowns against the Rohingya began at the end of August last year after Rohingya fighters attacked 30 Myanmaris. The Myanmar authorities continue to reject any misconduct and blame the brutality for the Rohingya fighters' activities, despite well-documented claims of violations of human freedoms by their police force.

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