The latest Myanmar News today

Latest Myanmar News Today

Burma's biggest earthquake this week: . . People could access Gmail, news websites and other prohibited things. Up-to-date Myanmar news & updates. Aung San Suu Kyi also called some of the atrocities "false news" spread by terrorists.

Large participation in the pro-army rally in Myanmar defies the outcry of Rohingya.

May 29 Myanmar Morning News

Analyzyzantine has made its biggest ever capture of crystalline metamphetamine, said officers on Monday (May 28) and found nearly 1. 2 tons of drugs dressed as a tea in a shipments from Myanmar, and arrested six suspected traders. Vietnam's military-led telecommunications operator Viettel Group and its affiliates will be launching the first 4G wireless communications system in Myanmar next Monday to benefit from the rapidly expanding South East Asia country's economic growth, the government said on Monday.

Myanmar PD investigated the cell phone of two Reuters journalists charged with holding classified papers without a wanted for searching after they were arrested in December, an official said on Monday in a courtroom, in a case that has become a milestone in media freedoms. Myanmar Advans, a MFI supported by the Luxembourg-based Advans Group, and Yoma Bank completed three $1.44 million in March to assist their activities in the state.

Korea's Korea Land and Housing Cooperation, Myanmar's Alliance Star Group of Companies and Shwe Taung Company will participate in three megacity expansions that require an initial $2.29 billion in Myanmar. Myanmar's anti-corruption committee has in recent months taken a high-ranking official to court and started an investigation into a dissatisfied ministry, suggesting that the administration has pledged to suppress this.

Global religions demanded peace in Rakhine state, Myanmar, during their encounter with Myanmar de facto guide Aung San Suu Kyi last weekend. Myanmar's army, newly recruited from a bloodthirsty drive that took most of the country's Muslim Rohingya minorities to neighbouring Bangladesh, has started a new attack against troops from an ethnical group along the north Chinese frontier with helicopters, fighter jets and massive ordnance.

Governments, the army and indigenous people should look for a joint base, as their different objectives are leading to little progress in the peaceful negotiations, said Karen National Union Chairman General Saw Mutu Say Poe. By widening the existing weapons ban and increasing exports of dual-use items to the MPBP, the European Union has broadened the coverage of sanctions against Myanmar/Burma.

An insect captured 99 million years ago in a web in the north of Myanmar was found in a fragment of petrified succinite, which gives researchers an insight into the interaction between old spiders. There has been an increase in the number of people and the number of households in the forbidden place where no one is living near the Thai-Bangladesh Myanmar frontier.

Burma welcomed the first 62 returning refugees through the Nga Khu Ya detention centre in Rakhine state who escaped to Bangladesh because of the Rakhine war, according to a Sunday State Council Office declaration. Buranmar Metal has won a significant Perilya Limited Anglo-American mine as a corner stone investment for its Bawdwin Intermediate Myanmar Animal 1 poly-metallic mineralization.

In the 2017-2018 business year, Myanmar's trading with Sweden amounted to USD 55.848 million, a small loss of USD 6.148 million compared to the prior year, according to the latest Commerce Ministry statement cited in the state press. MYANMAR' s chairman on Monday appointed 80-year-old Soe Win, a well-known financier, as the next secretary of the treasury after the former one stepped down.

Twenty-two repatriates were detained by Myanmar's municipal authority for illegal entry, Irrawaddy reported, referring to a brief declaration issued by the State Counsellor's Office in Yangon today.

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