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The attitude towards HIV infected people has changed in Myanmar in recent years. However, the negative stigma associated with the disease still persists. The Myanmar transit camps are empty because Rohingya is afraid of returning. According to Amnesty International's latest annual report, the world experienced a shocking withdrawal of human rights last year. A call for proposals for the Human Rights Fund has been launched by the Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Wrong messages in UK's Daily Mail the latest disinformation

According to the State Council Information Committee, a story in a UK popular newspaper in which a Tatmataw military man's torturing a baby with a taser is alleged has been exposed, but it is only the latest example of imprecise reporting that has damaged the country's reputation. David Burke's story with photographs and videos in the Wednesday's Daily Mail showed what turned out to be a "Rohingya infant torturing by a smiling Myanmar military man with a narcotic weapon, while Burma is still taking action against the country's Islamic minority", which turned out to be wrong in the local press.

History was taken from the Daily Mail website shortly after finding that it is imprecise, but filed copies of the articles continued to be circulated on Twitter, Facebook and other popular channels. In spite of the fact that the history was removed from the newspaper's website, the State Council Office Information Committee found that no excuse, statement or clarity was given regarding the correctness of the statement or the harm it would do.

Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the President's spokesman, U Zaw Htay, have repeatedly said that imprecise, produced messages that are passed on to multinational intelligence organizations are distributed without proper verification. That was after the Myanmar police attack of 9 October, 12 and 13 November and after the police conducted evacuation missions.

"Fictitious messages with fake photographs and videos from other places are disseminated among the people," said the State Council's Information Committee. "Recently, the BBC, CNN, CNA and Al Jazeera described the wrong messages due to inappropriate testimony from John McKissick, one of the UNHCR in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh," an Information Committee statement said.

According to the Information Committee, an appropriate answer to the wrong Daily Mail message is imminent.

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