The interesting places in Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

It is one of the most important spiritual places in Burma. The influx of tourism has many advantages for places like untouched Myanmar. Most of Myanmar's handicrafts are the best souvenirs at reasonable prices. Receive the best prices for travel packages and individual itineraries. Although Bagan does not really have a modern city, it remains one of Myanmar's main attractions, not only because of its abundance of temples.

Interesting place to see - Review of Innwa, Amarapura, Myanmar

A beautiful afternoons and our rider of the horse-drawn carriage was beautiful and really took care of his horses, which was good to see. The Innwa was one of the old capitals of Myanmar. It' situated near Amarapura, Mandalay. You can reach it by road from Mandalay and you can also drive it by horse-drawn carriage to visit Innwa.

Some of the most popular places to go in the city are the Bagayar Abbey, the Mae Nu Abbey with its different architectural styles, the old fortification of the river Innwa and the Si Mi Khone Pagoda with its old Buddha picture. The expectation of my stay in Inwa was really high and I had been told that the best way to see old remains was by using the carriage and horses.

When we got out of the ship, we had to take the first rider who reluctantly took us with him. Have you been to Innwa?

An interesting place to go - a look back at Hsipaw, Hsipaw, Myanmar

Hsibaw is also suitable for hiking, but we cannot walk around Hsibaw. So we drove to the famed places in Hsibaw. When you come to Hsibaw, you can do hiking, which is simple for everyone. I' ve travelled a lot in Myanmar, but so far Hsipaw has been my favourite place.

Many walks in the area to see the lives of the people, sailing down the stream or just relaxing and enjoying the views from a pleasant café. To get the long and slowly rough trip by rail to get a great opportunity to see a bit of the area.

There we prolonged our trip and spent five nights. Love to explore little Bagan and plans to come back soon for a two-night long walking tour to the mountains to get together with the locals and be there. It'?s long, but it??s a long way to go! On the way to the falls the best we have done in Myanmar is just overwhelming.

There' s a minimum 1 hour 30 min stroll. The places I have been to are not available on Hsipaw but from Hsipaw. There was a small group and I rented a'Long Tail' for a cruise on the Dutawaddy River. Stop at a Shan Monastery for cake and tee, one kilometer along a path through orchards and pineleaves.

Have you been to Hsipaw?

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