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An immortals book list, information about the reading level, the corresponding reading age range and additional book information. Next series you want to read is The Immortals! We have paired each of their series with an appropriate book to read next. The winner of this lot will receive a signed hardcover set of all four books of the IMMORTALS series by Tamora Pierce. You can download audiobooks by Tamora Pierce to your device.

Immortal Books by Tamora Pierce by Simon & Schuster

Explore the legends, adventures and ferocious magicks of the Immortal Quartett by Tamora Pierce, the celebrated writer of this popular series. Explore a country of bewitchment, legends and adventures in this first volume of the immortal series, with an update for long-time supporters and crisp convertes, and with a brand new epilogue by Tamora Pierce.

Thirteen year old Daine has always had a particular relationship with pets, but only when she is compelled to go home does she realise that it's more than just a trick - it's magical. Daine can not only talk to pets with this savage witchcraft, she can also make them heed her. She is taking a horse dealing career for the Queen's Runners, where she gets to know the magician Numair and becomes his schoolmate.

Daine, led by Numair, investigates the extent of her magical powers. Those terrible beings known as the Immortals have been trapped in the Divine Realms for four hundred years - but now someone has breached the bar. It' up to Daine and her boyfriends to protect their worlds from an eternal war.

Don't miss these previous titles in the series! Popular writer Tamora Pierce has authored numerous works such as The Song of the Lioness, The Immortal Quote, The Circle of Magic Quote, The Protector of the Little Quote, The Circle Opens Quote, The Trickster Series, The Empress' Will, The Enamel Stones and The Beka Cooper Series.

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Encyclopaedia® measurement 670L-770LCompanion/Related Series: Listing of all series in the series This series takes place in the same realm and carries on the history that began in Song of the Lioness. The magician Numair, the magician Alanna and Queen Tayet use the help of Thirteen-year-old Daine to fight the terrible undeaders who recently began to invade the realm of Torall.

Immortal book list: The series should be viewed in the order shown here. Age 11-16 years. Age 11-16 years. Age 11-16 years. Age 11-16 years.

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