The Immortals Book Series in order

Immortal Book Series in the order

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Evermore, Blue Moon and Shadowland eBook

and that book made me think I read a tear of Twilight. and the villain was a trackers. An Ever woman went to Phoenix, Arizona to stay with her family after a deadly automobile crash that led to the fatalities of her mother, father, sibling, and domestic animal.

As she was involved in the crash, she was abandoned in an intermediate state, but pulled out of the comma by Damen Auguste. When she tries to cope with everyday problems, she also has to face up to the conversation with her haunted nurse, her ex-girlfriend, and she remembers that her best man murdered her husband's wife in order to get her to be with him.

Similarities to The Twilight Saga: 1) Undying things that have been awaiting the protagonist. 2 ) The foe tries to pursue and destroy the primary one. 6 ) Must always be living with a remote family. 7 ) The continuations have ALMOST the same name of The Twilight Story tracks.

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