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"Now Kohli will compete with the best in the South African game. This South African trip will be a test for Kohli," Bedi added. The Hindu newspaper has retracted its story of the supposed harassment of a women who fell prey to mass panic at Elphinstone Road train/cabin.

Shekar Nirmal, former Hindu sport journalist and former sport star journalist, died in Chennai on Wednesday evening at the tender age of 60. One teenage boy died of his injury after a traffic crash when the audience declined to help, according to a story in The Indian Express. In Koppal, Karnataka, while cycling to work, the body, Anwar Ali, was beaten down by a state coaches.

Former PM Manmohan Singh once again coached his weapons in the Narendra Modi government's demonization campaign, and called it a "mammoth drama". Mail the Pakistani surgery strike on the Line of Control (LoC), there is a similar topic runs over the leading articles posted in the papers on Friday - that of quiet cheering, if not exuberant.

Released in The Hindu by comedian Surendra, the comic has a man who looks like he put something in flames with his cock and a balloon saying "Done Sir". Aiming at" JNU" on Narendra Modi, who is on the Make In India scene and has catched fire.

One and a half years after two high-profile retirements in The Hindu, another elderly man has left the Chennai-based newspaper. The Hindu publisher Malini Parthasarthy has retired.

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