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Customize your home screen and receive messages from the city of your choice. They intend to read the Hindu newspaper. Review The Hindu Daily App Leaderboard: The HINDU is on your Android home screen with news from the most prestigious English language newspaper in India. Receive and search The Hindu metadata and images in JSON format.

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Keep up to date with the latest news, trend reports, happenings and top news on India's most reliable English news app. Featuring the latest news, the Hindu app, it includes real-time news, political, economic, crisis, soccer, Bollywood, scientific, technological, environmental, art and much more. One of India's most prestigious papers, The Hindu is known for its trustworthy reporter.

Hindu English News App meets this call and provides a wealth of experiences and reporting. Sharing news, upgrades, pictures, videos in your favorite local medium. We also offer film, sport and political news from all over the globe. Nocturnal mode for easy read of news and items during night time/twilight.

Government News - We provide you with the latest news from Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, UP and all other states. From India-Pakistan to Donald Trump, we provide the latest news from around the world. City news from the Indian metro cities: Hindus provide regionally based news reports on the most important towns - trend histories and current news from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Sport News - Stay tuned to your favourite sport and receive all live scores, news and news from the world of the game. Recent movies summaries, movies news, hinelwood news, bollywood news, toollywood news, hinelwood news and all film related news. Technological News - We also provide you with all scientific and technological news and the introduction of the latest in gadget design.

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