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Government agencies are stopping the release of'The Hakha Post'.

The Chinese government discontinued publishing the Hakha Post in Lai (Chin) on 29 September in Hakha, the Chinese state city. Hakha Post said its publisher Lalawmpuia was asked to stop the Hakha Post pressure at the district Hakha bureau on September 30.

Lalawmpuia, the editor, said that the state of Chin State administration instructed the Hakha Post through the county chief administrative officer not to release the post before it received formal inscription. The Hakha Post is actually competing for formal community, county and state register. Other printed publications have not been requested by the state goverment to cease publishing although they have not yet been recorded by the Ministry of Information.

The Hakha Post Editor asked the Chief Administrative Officer about this, saying that he did not know the reasons, as the order came from higher government agencies. U. Sing Tam, Hakha Township Printing & Publishing Clerk, had asked the Hakha Post to tell him whether or not it was officially registered on September 22 and had to notify him by September 26.

Hakha Post told him that they had not yet officially signed up, and then came the order to cease it. There are currently 20 Chin printed publications in the state of Chin, of which Khonumthung News, Chin WorldMedia and The Chin Land Post are licensed to the Ministry of Information.

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