The Global News Light of Myanmar

Global news light from Myanmar

Myanmar. Mandalay Alinn Daily News printed its last issue yesterday. He told the state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar. On Myanmar's oldest English daily newspaper. Global New Light of Myanmar cover.

Myanmar's trading with the Netherlands was worth USD 61.98 million in the first two months.

Myanmar's trading with the Netherlands was worth USD 61.98 million in the first two months. Myanmar Arts and Crafts Association (MACA) has called on the Myanmar authorities to establish a craft centre..... Aung San Bogyoke, Aung San, Aung San, national guide and independent architecture, talked a lot about liberty and reconstruction.....

From Khin Cho Cho Cho Cho Han (Man Myay) With gruesome, catastrophic and dark events, Bogyoke Aung San and seven..... Burma opens up and there is a huge opportunity for investors: A secretariat of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) met in the framework of nationwide intelligence.....

After the renovation of the secretary's offices, the offices become the Martyr's Martyr's Museum..... There was a homage in Sarpay to the historic Sayamagyi Daw Kyan (Ma Kyan) on her centenary.....

State daily launches Afresh as Myanmar's global new light

Myanmar's state-owned British newspaper New Light of Myanmar (NLOM) launched operations last weekend as a new name for a JV with a privately owned investment company. Global New Light of Myanmar, a new book, aims to transform the British-speaking world into a "free and public" medium as part of the pluralist world.

According to the newspaper, the initial shareholder, News and Periodicals Enterprises of the Ministry of Information, holds 51 per cent, while Global Direct Link Co acquires 49 per cent under the MPC. The Myanmar administration began the reform of the country's press in June 2011, followed soon afterwards by the liberalization of the country's press controls.

But the Myanmar administration recently pulled a bottle of anti-aircraft gun after severe punishments were imposed on the journalist. In December 2012, Myanmar announces the free publishing of personal dailies and closes its press control and registration department. Ever since, 31 personal dailies have been released for publishing, 24 of them in the Myanmar-speaking world.

It has five state daily newspapers and over 200 privately published weeklies in Myanmar, English and Mandarin, as well as over 200 periodicals and almost 7,000 privately published newspapers.

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