The Fox Music Video

Fox music video

Norway's talk show hosts have created a wild viral'The Fox' video to promote the coming season. "But he didn't make music videos," says Vegard. Perhaps it is the catchy beat on David Guetta level.

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Norway's talkshow presenters have made a wild viral'The Fox' video to advertise for the coming year. That could even Virenjim Elisa -- of more than 10 million peole who dance. I' m grasping at their pet costume, so why doesn't Fox say apparently this is Chad -- -- -- And if the Fox hits eight -- could be notified by Morse.

Have a fox that so much dead and fixed -- -- tell you paragraphs let the appointment conflicts begin and yeah I too -- -- -- -- do -- screamed yes we will we want them here.

Files:Ylvis - The Fox (What does the Fox say?) Offical Music Video HD | Spy Kids Wiki

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See Ylvis' head-scratching music video for'The Fox'.

Out of the way, Gaga, because a Norvegian duet wants the track for the Autumn Carol, and it might be strange enough to work. Ylvisåker Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, together known as Ylvis, took the play "What does this animal say ", which you used to play as a child, and made it a completely strange but unexpectedly memorable one.

Perhaps it's the value of the music video. Perhaps it is the easy-to-follow David Guetta beats. Regardless, "The Fox" music video will make you weird and knock your feet at the same tim.

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