The Fox goes Song

Fox goes song

# Dog goes woof Cat goes meow Bird goes tweet And mouse goes. YOU PLEASE READ the Fox PMV with text. Innovation Movie Song'The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)' a real money crowd for Ylvis, costumers

For now Ka-ching, at least for some Halloween costumers and two Scottish TV presenters who asked the questions in a silly movie that ended up in US talkshows and musical chart. "The one that comes so end to Halloween has the mysterious ringing fox going for meme-of-the-holiday with bear-tewerking, the more humble companion of the scarcely clothed Miley Cyrus at the Videomus Awards Tails to Tails.

Spirits Halloween, with heavy on-line purchases and more than 1,050 shops across the nation and Canada, is one of those that make a lively fox costume, booby tail and a fury headpiece that looks remarkable like the one carried by the two. Spirits sells off some of Fox's favorite suits and supplies suggested on-line after the tape, said Lisa Barr, the Halloween company's Senior Director of Market.

is a 227 per cent growth over the last year in vendors of its Sexy Fox costum for womens unique -- into which $245 each. "and the seals start to cry. "There' s been speculation that we were under the influences when we were writing the song, but I'm sorry that that's not the case," said Bard, 32, beaten to death in a phone conversation from Oslo.

" As Barr tries to get the melody out of her mind, at least one Halloween cheerful person is more than a little dizzy. "As the tape came out, so many folks sent it to me. "It is a moments of whimsicality. It' s a laughing matter and so there is this game of humour," he said.

The Shelby Fox, for one, is not going to go full on Fox for Halloween, but will definitely reef on her name cousin at some political groups she is planning to worry about. "and I think it's more important that I wear my eyes and my dick and make a combo of more regular clothes. "And I listened to this song and thought to myself,'Is this a nursery rhyme?

" Second Segal, the PR Managers for -- an on-line supplier of custom clothing, cups, iPhone events and stationery -- chased down fox articles on the site and came up with more than 2,000 for sale. What are you looking for? Obviously, humans react to both. Humans like them.

They can run around the offices and any number of folks will know the song.

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