The Cave Soe

Cave Soe

Do Soe Zeya - Reuters. Thailand - Dozens of soldiers and park guards lined up at the mouth of the cave and brought supplies. The Adventure Group - Special operating experience It is a trip into the realm of Special Operations...

..... Just think, you could be planning, participating and even leading your own Special Operations missions! The Special Operations Experience? (SOE) makes this possible. The SOE is a set of bold, high-carat, adrenaline-loaden adventures as part of a Spec Ops missions.

It is an unforgettable event that offers practice and close contacts with the Special Forces team. There are four layers in our missionsets: the The Jump Master will call you for 1 min. Thirty second call from the Jump Master.... you're 14,000 ft over your area of operation to jump into an open DZ (drop zone) with your chute... Go ahead, put your thumb up from the Jump Master, ready to go!

A" Recon" missions, Op" Homestead" is a high-end teambuilding, management and lifestyle expertise built on actual specialized operations exploits and expertise. Homestead is called after a specially operations executive (SOE) operation carried out in Western Europe. We have a more specific forthcoming assignment as we have a V.I.P. entrant.

Do you want to get in touch not only with some of Australia's most prestigious and prestigious SAS veterans, but also with one of Australia's top business leaders? There is an unknown destiny waiting for you if you do not get away, but escaping means no nourishment, no running waters, no refuge and being chased by the extreme..... is not an optional!

This is an escapé, evidence & recovery quest in which the contestants are taken as hostages and then have to flee the hunter teams as they try to make an RV (rendezvous) to be saved. Name after the classical POW film with Steve McQueen (and a motorcycle Zundap).

Being part of a Spec Ops Close Security Team, you must securely ship and secure a celebrity during their trip to a big cityscape. That means to master rapid riding, firing, surveillance abilities and the necessary special safety exercises.... are you ready?

The Op Ronnie is a closed personal security (body guard) operation in which the participant plans and carries out a protective function for a V.I.P. in municipal and countryside areas. Ronaï were samurais without a masters or masters during the Japanese feuds and earned their livelihood with remunerated guards for famous and rich personalities.

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