The Capital of Myanmar

Myanmar's capital

Officially Nay Pyi Taw is the capital of Myanmar and the seat of the government of Myanmar. Have you found the solution for Myanmar's capital? Myanmar's capital city crossword answer for the Android & IOS game "CodyCross" by Fanatee Games. You will be invited to an unforgettable morning sightseeing tour of Yangon before leaving Myanmar. Have you found the solution for Myanmar's capital?

Myanmar's capital is six times the size of New York, but practically empty.

Bienvenidaw, Myanmar. New York has 468 square mile and Greater London 607 square mile to give you an impression of its greatness, but Myanmar's capital city covers a hefty 2,723.71 square mile. There is a registred populace of only one million (one quaver of London's population), making the place feel like a spook city in combination with its area.

Strangely enough, Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Just over 10 years ago, the then Burma administration chose to move from Yangon to Naypyidaw - an ever more strange move than anyone had really known. Ever since the régime chose to move to the new capital, it is practically taboo for the West, which seems stupid when the construction costs millions.

There are on the whole few employees of the administration in the town. Naypyidaw, although located in a troubled part of the land with so few humans, was not very upset. Roads, sometimes 12-lane, are laid out for large amounts of road transport, allegedly have the luck to see more than two vehicles on the same route.

Goverment may be great, but unfortunately hardly anyone can see it. As with any state under control, information is difficult to obtain, so little is known about how the town was constructed or why. Indeed, there are rumors that the nation used DPRK engineers to construct an underworld tunnel net through the town.

You said: "The Naypyidaw ward is VERY LARGE. "This town is huge," they go on. There is no means of transportation." Having only paid $31 for a half-day cab, they said they'd seen most of the town, if only a drive-by. Though they did shed light on why the capital was moved.

"Rumor has it that the general's own astrologist has alerted him to a possible sea incursion, so he has relocated the capital," they state. "Goverment officials had two working nights to move away from Yangon, but had to abandon their family. Only Bangladesh has relocated to the international zone of the new city."

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