The Capital City of Myanmar

Capital of Myanmar

Myanmar's capital, Naypyidaw, from above. It is located in the Mandalay Division and is the capital. andalay is one of the largest cities in the country. In order to create a better investment climate, Myanmar is initiating and promoting the emergence of the capital market. Burma prefers to relocate its capital.

Explore the Myanmar City of Ghosts

It is a capital like any other, with many highways, extensive malls and great tourist sites, but it has a clear break. Naypyidaw, whose name translated means "residence of the king", became capital in 2005 after it was specially constructed for this work. In spite of the governmental numbers that report a total of about one million people, it would be a fools to believe that this number is close to living in the city.

However, here the Myanmar authorities are no longer functioning militarily. The first time it was opened, there were rumors of threatening officials who declined to move to the new capital, although many now would rather afford a $350 plane ride back than living here.

There may be a serious lack of people, but Naypyidaw himself is enormous. "The Guardian journalist Matt Kennard and Claire Provost from Burma's capital wrote: "Nothing is moving. "but many people question that this is approximately the real number." Reflections of each other in many ways, the capital of Burma was completely covertly constructed and has been the subject of rumors andories since then.

It is reported on a regular basis that under the city itself there is a huge net of tunneling constructed by DPRK architecture. Notwithstanding the fact that the federal administration recently opened a completely new global capital served by an unprecedentedly large number of people are still doubtful about their futures as a center of governance and commerce.

Naypyidaw could stay the largest spooky city in the worid with accounts that the administration has already relocated several of its agents back to Yangon.

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Established in 2006, Nay Pyi Daw has recently become the capital of Myanmar. Situated in the centre of the country, 205 leagues northeast of Yangon, the former capital. Twice a year, the renowned gem and pearl emporium takes place in this lovely capital and attracts thousands of gemstone merchants from all over the globe.

The city also has a scenic landscape with administrative houses, housing areas, large streets and, above all, the size of the parliamentary structure. In the evening you can visit the "Wasserbrunnengarten", the " U-Pa- Than-Ni" Pagoda, the White Elephants etc. to get some refreshing and coolness.

Forty-one million of Myanmar's inhabitants live there. Cities like Yangon, Mandalay, Ayeyarwaddy (Delta), Magway, Sagaing are heavily settled. There are 135 different ethnical groups in Myanmar. Most Myanmaris ('more than 80%) believe in Buddhism, but other faiths such as Christian, Islamic and Hinduism are largely unhampered.

Burmese The Burmese flag is the country's main currency. There are three distinct periods in Myanmar: wet and warmest. Yangon's peak temperatures during the summer months are around 40 ºC, the rain period averages around 28 ºC and the cold period around 18 ºC. While Myanmar has no specific regulations for a woman who wears a dress such as a miniskirt or shorts, in some places it is forbidden to use them.

However, a lightweight outfit is comfortable when you visit Yangon in winters, jackets, coats or hot clothes are particularly suited for the winters in some areas of the country, especially mountain areas such as Maymyo, Myit Kyee Nar, Inle or Shan States. Timezone Myanmar default time is six hour and 30 minute before Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC).

Myanmar's main source of income is Kyat (pronounced "chat", Ks for short). Credit or debit card payments are also possible in Myanmar. It is now possible to withdraw money at ATMs by credit card (Master Card and Visa) in the Kyats country as well. Myanmar has many different types of outlets.

The widespread outlet in Myanmar is a picture. Yangon's dining and dining areas offer a large selection of food/diets from Asia to the West. Locally grown dishes are ideal for various flavours such as pungent, sharp and acid. Myanmar Airlines: Traveling by plane is the best way for visitors to Myanmar.

There are currently four airlines operating in Myanmar, including Myanmar Airways International, Myanmar Airport, Myanmar Airport, Myanmar Airport, Myanmar Airport, and Asia Wings. You can reach most places in Myanmar by rail, which is centred around Yangon and Mandalay. By boat: As an alternate a boat to Bagan from Mandalay is used.

Traveling by barge within Myanmar is an unforgettable experience for the guests. The most of the places installs lavatory with the exception of the hotel. The majority of Myanmar residents need a visitor entry permit. You can apply for a commercial permit on your return, which allows you to remain for up to (70) nights. Touristic visas can be for ( (3) month and can remain up to four week in Myanmar.

You can apply for a tourist visa at Myanmar foreign diplomatic missions or missions. Information required includes: - identity cards other than a valid identity document; - a copy of the ID document, - a copy of the driving licence, etc. Though Yangon has many malls, the Bogyoke Fair is the most interesting place for the visitor where you can buy clothes, jewellery, paintings as well as memorabilia.

In addition, the stores on the stairways of Shwedagon Pagoda are also suitable for the purchase of Buddha sculptures, Myanmar's children's traditionally designed puppets and decorativeware. Myanmar has an international area codes of 095 and you can make and receive calls from both phones and landlines. There is a rate of 100 Ks/Minute for a call from the resort and the rate for a call abroad will vary from US$ 2.00 to US$ 7.00 for 1min.

Dialing prefix, e.g. "01" for Yangon, "02? for Mandalay, etc. - Calls from overseas to landlines in Yangon should be pressing "95-1 number" (country prefix+area prefix+number) - calls from overseas to the landline should be pressing "95-9 number". - Area calls from your cell to your landline should be made by pressing "area codes + numbers" or calls to different areas.

The SIM can be bought or rented at the airports. Myanmar's educational system is run by the Myanmar Ministry of National and International Affairs. Higher and lower Myanmar colleges and professionals are seen by two distinct agencies, the Department of Higher and the Department of Higher Schools.

The head office is located in Yangon or Mandalay. Myanmar's educational system is UK-led, due to almost a hundred years of UK and Chinese presence in Myanmar. Almost all of them are run by the state, but this is an increasing number of private established private teaching institutions.

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