The Capital City of Burma

Burma's capital

No plans to move it elsewhere at this time. THAT TRACES THE ANATOMY OF A CAPITAL CITY. The capital of Burma, also known as Myanmar, Naypyidaw is one of the fastest growing cities. A lot of people would say Pyongyang off North Korea. Myanmar's capital Nay Pyi Taw.

Muddy origins of Burma's capital

It is described by some as a conceit scheme by Than Shwe, the country's former warlord. There are many who believe that the "bold" name of the city could mirror "illusions of greatness or.... perhaps another indication of possible dementia", according to a 2006 US administration exposé in the treasure chest of papers issued by Vikileaks.

There are other arguments that point to an increasing paranoia of a regime that wants to remove the capital from the ocean for fear of an AMPI. Instead, the headquarters of our armed and civilian powers are now nearer to the troubled areas where segregated movement and ethnical groups are pressing for more right for harshly repressed minority groups, such as the Karen and Rohingya.

Than Shwe and the government threw the move to Naypyidaw, such as the construction of a new Canberra or Brasilia, an administration capital away from the congestion and overpopulation of Rangoon. "By retiring from the big city, Rangoon, Than Shwe and the leaders protected themselves from any people' s uprising," suggest Benedict Rogers and Jeremy Woodrum in their writ: Than Shwe:

Demask Burma's tyrant. Matt Kennard and Claire Provost write for the Pulitzer Center about Naypyidaw, the uncanny, plotted capital of Burma. Situated in the midst of one of the worlds impoverished lands, the magnificent Naypyidaw was massively constructed and seems to be deserted.

Cheap capital of Myanmar

Since November 6, 2005 Naypyidaw (officially named Nay Pyi Taw and Naypyitaw) is the capital of Myanmar. It is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar, and if you are looking for the "Royal City of the Sun", it is Naypyidaw.

Today Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar and lies next to Pyinmana. Yangon (or Rangoon) to Naypyidaw (NPT) in November 2005. Most of the city was still under building, and over the years, Naypyidaw is skilled enough to host world-class venues such as the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth ASEAN summits, the Southeast Asia Games in 2013.

The name of this capital means "Royal City of the Sun" in Burmese. "Most Burma trips to this city feature Myoma Market, Naypyidaw Zoological Garden, Safari Park and Uppatasanti (or Peace Pagoda). Naypyidaw is also gifted with mountains for its beautiful appearance and roomy avenues for a trouble-free transport.

It was founded in an area of bushes about 3 km western of Pyinmana and 320 km northern of Yangon. It was founded in 2002. Burma's junta began moving its administration from Yangon to Naypyidaw on November 6, 2005, in the favorable period estimated by top estrologists (6:37 a.m.).

Five and a half day later, on 11 November at 11:00 a.m., the second group left Yangon with 1,100 of them. In the past it was hoped that the entire housing sector would be relocated to the new capital. In the new capital, 000 troops march to remember the first important civil war, the 1954 Myanmar-Japan war.

If you ask what Naypyidaw has for the tourist industry, the response should always be the Uppatasanti is. The 325 foot high inaugurated on March 9, 2009. It is exceptional with precious sacred remains such as the picture of Maha Hsutaungpyae Buddha, the 4 Buddha jades sculptures in the caves of the pit, bird-shaped sculptures, Bo trees with the Maha Bo and more.

Each characteristic of the Uppatasanti is venerated and sufficiently impressing to persuade the visitor of its sanctity, tranquillity and meaning. It is the place where the ceremony of awarding the honorary title to the eminent friars takes place. Naypyidaw's most spectacular game reserve. The first construction took place in November 2010.

Including the area of 14. 2ha asiatic Safari, 1. 43 aussie and 24. 14 h Africansafari. Obviously, Naypyidaw is the place where you will find some of the most comprehensive liveaboards on the planet. Especially the Asiatic wildlife has more than 100 uncommon species like the savage ox, different kinds of stags or zambur.

Also while the Aussie tour allows you to see some different types of leopard, the Africa tour offers the opportunity to see deers, goats, lions, giraffes, zebras, camels, etc.. We recommend using the stroller to get around in the big garden in a safe and easy way.

Naypyidaw Central Trainstation is one of the largest train stops in Myanmar. Located on the train system to Upper Myanmar, along with the Mandalay and Shwebo highways. Today's Naypyidaw Center was built in Burma's architectural style and has become the great symbol of Naypyidaw.

Visiting this historic and interesting main station will give you a feeling for Myanmar's historic architectural heritage and transport. It was built in 2005 and is considered the symbol of Naypyidaw. The Dartuzaya Pagoda itself is an eye-catching and holy place that attracts a large number of native people.

In addition, many favourable rites take place regularly in the Pagodas. Dartuzaya Pagoda's promising faith will continue over the years and it is always advisable to come and see it at least once. It was built in the vast area of Zabuthri municipality in Naypyidaw.

Myanmar, as you may know, is known for its high grade pearls and jades, and they are exhibited directly in this gem museum. It is a place of worship as well as a historic landmark. Naypyidaw is the starting point for the Hlay Khwin Taung pit directly in Pyinmana.

Then you will arrive at the podium on a 700 m high hill: This is Hlay Khwin Taung pit! That is the great October culture in Myanmar. However, the Myanmar Tradtional Performance Art Competition has been held every year since 1993. The aim is to foster or maintain the nation's patrimony of culture for the sake of it.

Restoring this Myanmar legacy has had a beneficial effect on the younger population. That is the main focus of our activities in Naypyidaw. Myoma Markt opened in May 2006 and since then more and more stores have been opened in December 2016. Today, travellers appreciate the relaxed times at Myoma Markets, where they can observe Burma's lifestyles and trade manners.

Travelers can book to Yangon and Mandalay airports. Then there are several internal connections to the capital Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw Airport is a 30-minute drive to the main hotels, as well as to the main administrative and ministerial departments. There is no local transportation in Naypyidaw!

Nov-February is the best season to go to Naypyidaw when the temperatures are comfortable, which is perfect for outings.

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