The best Travel Agency in Myanmar

Best travel agency in Myanmar

One-Stop Travel & Private Day Tours: Myanmar's best travel agency! So we googled "Best travel agencies in Myanmar" to find a reliable local company and were not disappointed. One of Myanmar's best travel agencies, we offer package tours - day trips and tailor-made tours. For Myanmar tours, please visit our website.

Myanmar's best tourist agent! - Re-View on One Stop Travels & Privat Day Tours, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Due to many suggestions I have chosen to take a one-week trip with One Stop and couldn't be more satisfied with the results. From the very beginning, the firm, especially Khine in the offices, was very instructive and timely with all her e-mail communications. When I arrived at my Mandalay I was welcomed by Mr. Zaw, the travel company's resident agent, who was very inviting and proffesional.

Spending two nights in Mandalay, I thought it would be the best possible moment, although another would be less hectic. We' ve done some sight-seeing by road in Mandalay, Amarapura and sagaing as well as a cruise to Mingun and a horse-drawn carriage in Inwa. I was taken to Mandalay with my next leader, Mr. Tin.

Driving and the three outings in Bagan were the actual high point of my journey. Mr. Tin is one of the best tour guide I've had in 25 years. He' s so kind, courteous and authentic and his passions and loves for Bagan are obvious. Understanding that photographing was important to me on this journey, I felt that great photographic possibilities were being sought, especially in the non-tourist towns and cloisters.

Coaches used throughout the whole month were very cosy and roomy with very good climate control, which is essential in view of the hot weather in summers. In view of the excellent service of the tourist guide, the professional service of the guide and the very competitive prices, I cannot strongly enough suggest One Stop.

Myanmar's Best Tour Agencies - Mandalay Tour Review - Day Tours, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Googling "Best Myanmar Tourist Agencies" to find a trusted locally based company, we were not upset. Our 15-day trip was incredibly inexpensive. We' re very proud that the service is going as scheduled and I' m happy to learn that everything is as expected.

Sincerely, I have traveled to Burma (Myanmar) 5 tours since 2009, and with the Mandalay 3 tours in October 2015. We are well organized with first-class tourist leaders who can't do enough for you. The above answer was translated by Piotr, who works as product manager at Mandalay Group. Well-organized, interesting and well-trained personal guide in each place, sufficiently adaptable to our needs.

There was no Bagan and lnle Lakes. It takes all the work off your hands, especially when traveling can be tough. Bliptutti, thank you for taking the liberty of publishing such good news. We' re proud to work with the best guide in the business, and I'm delighted to learn that the standard met your requirements.

We will certainly share this feed-back with your guide in Inle lake and Bagan, I'm sure they'll be delighted to heed it. If you would like to return to Myanmar, please do not hesistate to contact us. Sincerely, I took a personal 1 leg Inle Sea trip, one leg Mount Popa, 5 leg Mandalay, 1 leg Yangon with Mandalay and it was an Excelent one.

Beautiful leaders, all graduate, nice folks, lots of expertise and really doorman. Elisabeth B., thank you for taking the liberty of publishing such a beautiful review on TripAdvisor. We are happy to learn that you enjoy your stay and have taken the opportunity to leave the well-trodden paths.

Though we are not the least costly travel agency, we are not the most costly. Like you say, we re-invest every gain as much as possible to make sure that we offer our customers the best qualified and professional leaders. Indeed, there are already blueprints for the opening of a peninsula and a Kempinski in Yangon city centre.

Sincerely, Have you been on tour Mandalay - day trips?

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