The best Time to Visit Myanmar

Best time to visit Myanmar

Best time to visit Myanmar (Burma). There are two different seasons in Myanmar - dry and wet. Myanmar: Myanmar Holidays | Best Travel Season Burma has a subtropical climates, with the south-west moon raining from May to October, especially from July to September. However, the main levels only get a small part of the rains on the coastline. The best time to visit Myanmar from November to February, from a meteorological point of view, is when the temperature is relatively favourable.

At this point in time, the only thought is that this is the highlight of the tourism year. Both January and February are great because it is drier everywhere. Usually it rains in the afternoons and early evenings. Mean temperature. NOTES - All indicated temperature are daily mean temperature, unless otherwise noted, and may differ.

Myanmar Climate Guide, the best time to visit Myanmar

There are three different kinds of weather: it is warm and arid from February to May; May to October is the rainy period; October to February is dryer and more moderate (high season). Temperatures can be much colder in the highland in the northeast than in the south west and lower city.

is from November to February, when the climate is colder, drier and more difficult to find accommodation. Skilled travellers like the low seasons, while the wheather is still nice. Or you can find the cold climate on Mount Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius all year round.

Myanmar Best Time to Visit - Myanmar City Travel Guide Guides

Myanmar has been selected by CNN Travel as this year's travel location and Myanmar has earned it absolutely. Myanmar is now one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the whole wide globe, with stunning scenery and allure. Myanmar is best visited from November to February when it is cold and arid.

Between March and May the temperatures often rise above 40°C, in conjunction with the high air moisture it will be unpleasant to visit Myanmar this time. Most of the flight and accommodations are already fully booked in November to February.

When visiting the Myanmar temple and the Myanmar rainforest, keep in mind to use pants that are longer than shirt on knees and sleeves. There are some Buddhist shrines and couples where a woman is not supposed to be standing near Buddhist sculptures and not in the mannish area. They are not supposed to stick golden pieces of cardboard on them.

Before you enter the temple and pagoda, please keep your boots in the entry. Burma is a country full of gemstones such as ruby, jad and emerging stones, which are available in stores and stores in major towns. Crafts and gifts are mostly associated with religion made of precious stone, timber, bronce or amber.

Stoneware is manufactured in Mandalay - Myanmar's imperial capitol - and sterling in Ywataung. Telephones and broadband are unpopular in Myanmar. The motorcycle is prohibited for travelling in Myanmar's biggest town. You can also rent a bike to explore the place and the lives of the locals.

Let's set your itinerary for a visit to Myanmar, a mystical place in the worid. More than 100 ethnical groups, a thousand shrines and palagodas, breathtaking mountains and beaches will make your visit to Myanmar remember.

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