The best place to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is the best place to visit

Myanmar Destinations | The Best of Myanmar | Sights in Myanmar. The best sights in Myanmar: Temples, Landscapes & more Burma is a South East Asia land with a rich and vivid past. Myanmar has had a tumultuous past, from the old kingdom of Bagan to violent conflicts, the persecution of Japan to the deposed warlords. Myanmar has been put back on the global landscape by a mixture of different civilizations, a deep story and unbelievably wonderful scenery.

This is a listing of the best places to go to in Myanmar. Former Rangoon, once the Colonian capitol, is ruled by a pagoda and coloniesýarchitecture. SWEDAGON Pagoda is the most important place of worship in Myanmar. Situated on the Irrawaddy River in northern Myanmar, this former royal capitol.

The Kuthodaw Pagoda, constructed around 1800, is the site of the biggest books in the word. Shvenandaw Monastery is one of the most beautiful in Myanmar. Initially it was erected in the royal residence, but later it was relocated to its present state. This was the only large edifice in the castle that survived the war.

Visiting Mandalay would not be possible without a trip to the U-leg-brücke. The 1.2 km long viaduct traverses Lake Taungthaman near Amarapura. Former Pagan and the old capitol of the pagan kingdom. In the heyday of the kingdom between the eleventh and thirteenth century, over 10,000 buddhistic shrines, couples and convents were erected on the Bagan plain.

There are 2,200 preserved pagoda and pagoda churches and are part of the Bagan Archaeological Zone, the most popular tourist area in Myanmar. Daammayangyi is the biggest of all Bagan-tempels. It was erected during the rule of King Narathu, who conquered the empire by murdering his sire.

There is a complete brick wall inside the church. Another interesting part of the sanctuary are the hundreds of bat that have found their homes in the aisles. Not the largest or most complicated of temples, the Lawkaoushaung Temples, is hard to find, but 100% inconvenient.

Have a Burmese sanctuary all to yourself! There is an unbelievable view from the top decks and it is one of the best places to see a sun rise or sun set without people. From Bagan to Mount Popa, a full day's excursion is a great way to explore what an intense exploration of the temples can be.

Mt Popa is a 657 metre high shale chimney 50 km from Bagan. On the top of the 777 steps, past the slightly roguish apes, lie a number of gold-clad Nathic shrines and reliquaries. More information about travelling in Myanmar can be found on the Tourist Board's website.

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