The best place to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is the best place to visit

Festivities take place in pagodas all over the country, with all kinds of colourful lights. It is recommended to visit the temples near the capitals for one day. Bagan Temple temples are best seen from the air. The worst place is NyaungShwe, the small tourist town outside Lake Inle. As a result, the place is physically and metaphysically beautiful.

Myanmar during the Monsun?

The visit of a place during the rainy period (June to September) is often considered to be too exhausting, especially the rainy one. It doesn't always happen in South East Asia, especially Myanmar; it does not mean that your journey is broken, it means a great deal of gain if you know something about Myanmar's natural environment.

There are five things you should know about Myanmar. Bagan, a place with several thousand pagodas, is one of Myanmar's most popular attractions, and it is located in central Myanmar, where the climate is usually warm and arid. However, in the wet seasons it does cool down with little precipitation.

Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest capitol and the place where the last realm used to live, does not have much rains either. This is Myanmar's culture centre and also the place where the world's biggest novel is. A further high-ranking place to travel is the world-famous Inle Lake in Shan State, where one does not have to reckon with the weathers.

In this vast freshwater pond you can go to the many small boat trips, the swimming tomato farm and the famous Inn Thar. Yes, it is wet seasons, the climate has become cold and chilly, and the locally prepared hot and cold food is an important part of the trip.

One of the most important reasons to come to Myanmar is that it is a high tourist time. The places are not overcrowded. This is one of the reasons why you should go to Myanmar. Well, get rid of your worries about travelling in the wet seasons, get your suitcases packed and get ready for your journey.

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