The best of Myanmar News

Best of Myanmar News

The Myanmar News is the BEST news application expected by every Burmese people. The best news app for iOS. So who compiled our list of the best young people in the region? Myanmar's best newspapers. When you think there is a newspaper missing on the list - write us.

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If you want to keep up to date with what's happening in your home market and use as little of your free travel times as possible, Top Myanmar News application is for you! It' a news aggregator application, but unlike other feature-rich news reader, it takes you directly to the news without losing your own amount of usability or newsload.

Keep up to date with the latest news. Myanmar News provides quick, easy and accurate harvesting experiences for enthusiasts in Myanmar and abroad. Keep up to date with everything that is important in Myanmar. It' the best application for the everyday readership. Get Top Myanmar News and start today - it's free!

Burma Reporter Headlines

In order to indict them, the tribunal would have to find evidences that the reporter gathered classified federal documents to help and hurt an Myanmar antagonist. They are not classified, the public prosecutor did not identify an "enemy" or provide documentary support that the journalist worked with an opponent, and at all time they acted as a journalist, not as an opponent of their state.

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in Myanmar. Myanmar news can be quickly and simply viewed in many categories: sport, travelling, health, video, amusement, education, economy, current news, top news, and more..... ? News event broadcast in real time. The new Myanmar News App is simple, nice, simple and quick.

Bookmark news, view off-line. ? Sharing your favorite news on Facebook. Newspaper support: - And updates more.....

CNN, Skynet launches 24/7 Myanmar News Channel

Under an agreement with SKyNet, CNN will help to establish a 24-hour communications system named Canal One. This multiyear contract between the two organizations brings additional advantages to the US broadcast company through the US cabling system, which includes journalism and presenter education in the areas of news broadcasting production, news gathering, business consulting, technology consulting and best practices managment.

Under the terms of the deal, Channels One will be broadcasting CNN contents and programs in the Myanmar audio format and will be assisted by the news group in the management of the Channels One website. The launch of the first 24 hr news channels is an important landmark and it is our prerogative to be associated with an organization that strives for CNN's visions and core beliefs.

"An extensive and customized education programme is being put together to make sure the station provides the best news in Myanmar," said Greg Beitchman, Vice President, Contents & Affiliates, CNN International Commercial.

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