The best of Myanmar Movies 2016

Best of Myanmar's Movies 2016

Myanmar's Hijack" is a film based on a true story. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1957. Do you have a role you like best? The end of horror in Myanmar. This is an elegant spiritual drama about the spiritual journeys of four Buddhist novices in Myanmar.

Movies and guest from the world's youngest democracies

At the beginning of Augusts, a two-day festival in Copenhagen, sponsored by the IMS, the Cinemateket will focus on Myanmar with a program that presents both movies and debate. Burma has come out of a decade of gloom in which free speech was restricted and restricted to the familiar passageways of the few. A new, semi-democratically-right wing and a new administration led by Aung San Suu Kyi have dramatically enhanced the free will.

The new outlines of the audio-visual landscape are taking shape. It will take place from 8 to 9 August 2017 at the Cinemateket in Copenhagen. Heene Maria Kyed, Danish Institute for International Studies Research, Darko C from Turning Tables and Esther Htu San, Ph. D., Pulitzer International Prize laureate in journalism.

Shorts:'Sittwe' (Jeanne Hallacy, 2007, 19 min.) +'Hero of Truth' (Nyein Nyein Aung, 2017, 19 min.) +'An Open Sky' (Phyo Zayar Kyaw, 2015, 20 min.) +'The Dissappearance of Roi Ja' (Calvin McLeod, 2016, 30 min.). Kyaw Kyaw, an active artist and musical genius, and Andreas Hartmann, a movie-maker.

Movie:'My Buddha is Punk' (Andreas Hartmann, 2015, 68 min.). Shorts:'A Peaceful Country' (Sai Kong Kham og Lamin Oo, 2015, 20 min.) +'My Leg' (Khong Soe Moe Aung, 2015, 10 min.) +'Across the River' (Kriz Chan Nyein, 2016, 8 min.) +'Ma Yan Chan - Waves of Transition' (Jonas Scheu, 2016, 29 min.).

Mr Mogens Lykketoft, Member of Parliament and former President of the United Nations General Assembly, and Mette Holm, writer and reporter.

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is the director of the Burma Committee of Norway (NBC), which deals with Myanmar for 25 years. Worked as a reporter, fotographer and documentarist, he has made commercials and shorts about Norway's and Sweden's TV stations on the topics of history, art and the world. He has a musical and co-production career with Mun Awng's 1998 albums Path to Freedom, where he was a guitarist and com-poser.

First to Myanmar in 1994, he worked in close cooperation with the Myanmar University of Oslo as a college graduate and, together with other Jordanian undergraduates, founded the Burma Support Group, an impartial Yangon-based analytical firm working on a number of questions related to humanitarian law, freedom and conflicts.

He was Senior Researcher at Human Rights Watch in Myanmar from 2006 to 2016. Her research and work experiences in Burma, Thai and Shan have been widely publicized on a variety of topics ranging from ethnical conflicts and history, pop cultural, film and aeronautics. A freelance film maker, Pe Maung Same became passionate about documentaries when he worked for Audiovisual in 1996 as an editorial director of newsreels and historic film.

Myanmar's work deals with the serious problems and incidents of Myanmar through the life of common men in an observation manner with his rhythmical cameras. In cooperation with various INGOs and NGOs, he has also trained young Myanmar-based young directors. Now he supervises movie student-from various different societies and advises the press office on their programmes, while also working on his own series.

We-Ra is one of the premier freelance Myanmar films. He has worked on films ranging from Yangon subterranean and Yangon demonstrations during the period of government to foreign movie-making. A graduate of the Asian Movie Academy of the Busan International Movie Festival, R.O. Korea 2013 and the Berlinale Talents Tokyo 2014, Japan.

He also took part in the Asian Filmmaker's Lab Fantastic Film School of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2015, R.O.Korea, as well as the first Film Leaders Incubator: He also visited the ASEAN-Sapporo, Re:J Filmmaking School in Japan, which led his creative teams to the "Best Creativity Teams Award".

He is also a graduate of the Open Door Lab of the International Filmfestival Locarno .Switzerland 2016. In 2017 he also took part in La Fabrique des Cine mas du Moon of the Festival De Cannes, France and Open Door Hub of the Locarno International Filmfestival,Switzerland 2017 to create his first fiction movie " One Summer Day".

The Robe " is the very first Myanmar screen play for the Wide Angle Best Shortfilm Awards at the Busan International Festival, 2016, R.O. Korea and in Court Métrage Shortfilm Conner Festival De Cannes 2017. Also " The Robe " chosen by Oscar qualifier Niveau Movie Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific International Movie Festival, USA as a contestant.

We Ra has founded its own Green Age Movie Productions which has participated in various domestic and foreign-project. On behalf of Green Age Films he has made and produces documentary and short films that have travelled to various major films such as Busan, Rotterdam and Locarno and won many prizes.

Ra is also the founding member of Myanmar New Forum and, together with Green Age Films, supports and provides minimum funds and other funds for young Myanmar film makers to drive the new movement of Burma to become a free and autonomous theater. Myo Min Khin, one of the leading Myanmar-based experts in the field of imaging workflows, has also given YFS work-shops.

I have been visiting several filmmakers workshops in Yangon since 2005, in addition to my study of the establishment of film at the University of Arts and Culture in Yangon. I began to work as an independant documentarist little by little. After that I took the entrance examinations and was awarded a grant to participate in the Czech National Cinema Academy - FAMU - for a 3-year Master's programme in English cinema and digital media, strongly in practice, except in the field of academia.

At the FAMU Fest 2009 my first shortfilm AWAKE was awarded as best one. In 2011, as a result of a broader collaboration, I established the first Burma Filmfestival - the Wathann Filmfestival in Yangon. Kung Sint is an independant Myanmar based moviemaker. He took part in a Human Dignity Institute documentaries course in 2014 and his shortfilm'Enter' won the best Human Rights Human Dignity International filmsale.

He received the Film Leader Incubator Program (FLY) in 2015, which honored two individuals from all ASEAN nations as well as Korea and Kaung Sint with the Creative Talented Award. Now he has organised 13 film-makers and shot the first omnibus film in Myanmar called "Psycho Zero", which is being shot under a psychologically oriented motto with Zero Production Budget for all 14 film.

EQUALITY Myanmar Managing Directors, formerly known as HREIB (Myanmar). Since 2000 he has been a founder of HREIB (Myanmar) in Thailand, was involved in the Swiss humanitarian law initiative and wrote a number of literature on humanitarian law. In 2013 he has been back in Myanmar and has been an active participant in education and campaigning on people. So far, he has won seven prizes for his work.

Nat. GENERAL ADVISOR, CO-Chair of Myanmar's International Centre, GENERAL EQUITY NETWORK As Nat. NA NGAD in Myanmar's International Centre for International Development, she works for the promotion of equal opportunities, the strengthening of the role of the woman and the struggle for gender-based force. They believe that it is very important to oblige men to end gender-based violence, which is why they advocate that men should work to end domestic violence towards them.

Born in 2016, he has worked for VOA (Burmese Service) in various positions as a radio reporter. Mr. Bailey has considerable expertise in covering all aspects of Myanmar (Burma), be it politics, society, economy, culture or other topics. Mr. H. Henning also has a broad spectrum of expertise and technological know-how in the field of electronic communications and is the leader in the work of VOA (Burmese Service) in the field of electronic communications.

In 2012 he came to VOA (Burmese Service) during the youth recruitment in May this year and has since worked as VJ, reporters and office manager of the Yangon Bureau of Service. Since 2005 Lwin Htun is head of the VOA Myanmar (Burma) Service. In 2004, he came to VOA to guide VOA's effort to turn the Burmese service into a full-fledged multi-media messaging channel.

The VOA Myanmar now has 2. 5 hour a day wireless channels and 30 minute a day television channels broadcasted by Washington D.C. It also retains a populare Facebook page with more than 9. 2 million viewers. He began his journalistic work in 1991 at the BBC Myanmar Service in London. In a two-year BBC political session between 2002 and 2004, Lwin worked with Thailand's Internews NGO to build Burma's first academy of media education and train more than 200 Myanmar and ethnical reporters.

Co-founder of the Human Dignity Film Institute, festival manager of the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival, poet, screenwriter and film-maker.

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