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The Rakhine (Arakan) and Chin Hills in the west, however, belong to the Indian subregion. Highest rank in the Myanmar army is Senior General, which corresponds to the position of Field Marshal in the Western armies and is currently held by Min Aung Hlaing after being promoted by the Vice General. One of the best is the early morning market and the historic Shan Palace and Bawgyo Paya Pagoda are worth a visit. From May/June to early October, when the southwest monsoon begins to blow. Back to the top of the page.

of the Union of Myanmar

Burma is the biggest South-East Asian nation with an area equal to that of Texas. The Rakhine (Arakan) and Chin Hills in the western part, however, belong to the subregion of India. With its typical Himalaya types, the high peaks in the far northernmost part belong to the Palaearctic and the woods of the Tanintharyi Division (Tennasserim) in the south-east contain many types with Malian relatives.

Such zoogeographic variety is mirrored in the variety of all species, as well as bird species. In physical terms, the land can be classified into four long north-south regions: the Rakhine Coastal Strip, the Fold Belt, the Central Belt and the Shan Plateau in theheast. Everyone has their own geology story with the Fold Hills Belt (Chin Hills and Rakhine Yoma), which is part of a 7000 km long range with the Andaman Islands and Nicobars, Java and Bali.

Central Belt is home to the most important centers of the world' s people such as Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, Bago and Pathein. Shan Plateau has an mean height of 950 meters and is crossed by a row of canyons. The rainy seasons are usually from June to October and define the rainy seasons in this area. The most rainfall occurs in the coast and mountains.

Myanmar's cold months are from November to mid-February, while March and especially April and May can be extreme heat. Burma is often regarded as the last border of continental Asia's international population. There are over 11000 blooming plant varieties with 841 orchids, 1014 butterflies (about 6% of the world's population), 92 bats (about 9% of the world's population) and 1017 birds, 137 of which are common to the UK.

Myanmar is one of the most varied per area in the whole wide range of birds in the game. Though there is a large amount of birdwatchers documentation for Myanmar, with about 680 reference works, the overwhelming bulk of the paper and book collections were published in the latter part of the nineteenth and first parts of the twentieth centuries.

A relatively small number of birdwatchers or birdwatchers have been to the land for the past 50 years and the birdwatching community is currently undeveloped. The lack of up-to-date information provides great opportunity for both domestic and foreign birdwatchers as there is an urgency to visit many former birdwatching hot spots to re-evaluate biodiversity and assess populations standing.

Burma is an ornitologically little studied country that promotes a richness of indigenous and species-limited wildlife. We will visit several important places, which include the exploration of the four native avifauna. The company has been managed by our touring services for 15 years. We' re also well known in the Thai press, as Thailand's top TV channels, radios and papers are constantly asking for it.

Birdwatchers and birdwatchers from all over the globe; whether it' s a personal trip, group trip, travel agent, incl. some of the best birdwatchers in the planet, have also opted for our trip services........ Burma - Myanmar - regular research and educational exploration trips to the west edge of the Shan Plateau with an option to expand your exploration of dolphins as you travel through the Ayeyarwady River canyons and plateaus.

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