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It is also possible to receive international cash transfers via Western Union. Burmese culture is most evident in religious places. Rakhine State in Myanmar's west, which is triggering a historic migration crisis. In the west of these islands there are a number of dive sites in the open ocean, which are characterised by a larger marine life. Myanmar's best time to dive is from November to April.

What can you do to help Myanmar's Muslim minorities?

No" the" impeccable solution" to the interethnic tension between Buddhists and Muslims in West Burma, nor is there an attempt to counter the Rohingya prosecution by the state. But for those interested in contributing, here are a few specific actions that could help end the conflict in West Burma: 1) An important way to get engaged in the Rohingya question is to raise oneself and others by learning about the state of Rakhine.

Travelling, if possible, is one of the best ways to raise consciousness of these racial conflicts. Dealing with the pressures in West Burma first-hand can be extremely useful in helping to understand the root causes of ongoing discriminatory behaviour. Putting the Rohingya of Myanmar into the evolving country of Myanmar is the pivotal factor in our ability to understand the distinction between the Rohingya people's human and development issues affecting all Myanmarans.

Rohingyas are not the only ones below the penniless line, but they are the only group that is refused medical treatment because of their religious beliefs. You can also use your network to exchange information about the repression of the Muslim Rohingya. A number of reports have been published on the state of Rakhine.

Myanmar's 1982 Rohingya Nationality Act is one of the biggest barriers to the Rohingya people. It makes over one million Rohingya Stateless. Many Rohingya Muslims are banned from Burma even though they have lived in the country for generation. The amendment of this Staff Regulations is the first stage in the process of the judicial acceptance of these people.

President Obama says he is "deeply concerned about municipal force against Islamic civilizations within Myanmar". "But he has not strongly advocated the presence of the Islamic majority in Myanmar, a place where the United States has a significant influence. As a recent college grad, she chose to join the non-profit organization in Myanmar to gather local experiences in a relief emergency.

They can also make donations to programmes that provide nutrition and resource to the Rohingya Muslims, such as Action Against Hunger and World Food Programm. Unfortunately, at the end of March Burma's Burma government expelled humanitarian agencies from the Rohingya refugee camp.

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