The best Myanmar website Tayar section

Best Myanmar Website Tayar Section

The Dhmma Stream is an online stream from the current pouplar dhamma website. Burma Classic website has excellent resources, including a huge TAYAR (Dhamma) section. OTHER ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS IN MYANMAR (BURMESE). More keywords related to Dhammapada Myanmar Dhamma. Papa Yate Tayar of Shwe Lin Yone Sayadaw.

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I' m taking the railway from Aung Ban - Naung Tayar railway to discover the wonderful area. Trains depart from Aung Ban at 11:00, usually 10:30. Arrival at Naung Tayar railway terminal (13:45) Naung Tayar is very near the highway. It' one of the largest county towns with a new store.

Between Aung Ban and Naung Tayar there are many wonderful mountains. Most of the locals are Pa O and most of the plantations are cultivated from Pa O. Drive to Loikaw takes about 2:30h. Myanmar National Airline flies daily from Yangon -Loikaw -Yangon from UB 109 08:00-08:50.

There is a daily service from Yangon to Loikaw by coach. From Yangon the coach departs at 15:00 and arrives in Loikaw around 6:00 or 7:00 the next or so. From Mandalay, Bagan, Kalaw, Taugngyi you can also take the coach to Loikaw. Stadtmarkttag is every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

You can see and see Kayah, Kayan, Kayaw, Lisu and Pa-O mountain peoples in the Loikaw area. You' ll have the opportunity to see Kayan folks known as Padaungs who live in Panpet Village. It' a 45 minute ride from Loikaw where you can see traditional female wearers of traditional brassy ring around their throat.

Devdamagyi town is an occasion to see where Kayahs live. Along the way to the Dawdamagyi town you can see the Htee Pwint and seven interesting lakes. The Kayaw tribe lives in the town of Htekho. It' s 2.5 hours ride from Loikaw and if you are familiar with Phruso Fair days you can stop by the square on the way to the town.

It is necessary for international guests to obtain a permit to travel to these three towns from the regional government through the hotel and tourism department of the area at least 3 or 5 working nights before the itinerary. There are other places in Loikaw that are open to non-nationals without a permit. Most of the things to see are isolated towns and ethnicals.

The information I provide will help you on your journey to Loikaw.

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