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Statistics of traffic, monthly turnover and website value. Myanmar's weekly flow is the highest since the genocide in Rwanda. The Anglicans and Protestants welcome Pope Francis' visit to Myanmar. The DAA is an award for the best design from Asia on the Internet. And Yangon's best smoothies and peel:

Incorrect information and hatred speeches in Myanmar

Adulting alongside the web in the end of the 1990s, I saw the emergence, decline and development of AOL IM, ICQ, LimeWire, Napster, Yahoo!, Google, MySpace and Facebook. But it has an immense influence on emerging countries, such as Myanmar, where its smartphone based digita- l worlds began.

They were not separated from SMS, they had full information - good and poor - at hand. By 2012 it was almost not possible to get information to or from Myanmar, and all the messages came from the state press. However, a burgeoning democratic system and a strong focus on global trade quickly made smartphone broadband attainable.

By 2014, Myanmar's populations were going live, as were groups of radicals. Myanmar is the place to go for information and newsgroups. No wonder, considering that each of the country's three smart phone service provider offers Facebook connectivity (via their Facebook Lite and Facebook Flex text-only versions).

They stimulate smart phone users by delivering Facebook with little to no assigned information. MYYINT Kyaw, a member of the Myanmar Press Council, said that because it is multi-dimensional, Facebook is a necessary resource for public and private sector accounts and pointed to one of the largest uses of the site.

Much of the information and desinformation in Myanmar is generated by radicals with the intention of influencing popular belief about politicians, womens, members of the non-governmental organisations (LGBT) and, above all, minority religions and nationalities. In front of broadband connections, groups such as Buddhist naturist Ma Ba Tha - The Association to Protect Race and Religion - distribute flyers and video on DVD to disseminate inaccurate information about the country's Islamic societies, to dehumanise the fellowship and make it more and more hostile.

They' re still using these more conventional forms, but they've also landed on Facebook. After an unfounded rumour on Facebook that a Moslem teashop proprietor had been raping a Tibetan worker, a crowd of nearly 500 caused chaos in the town, stirring up persistent anxiety among its Moslem population. During the uprising two men were murdered, a Buddha and a Moslem.

While some groups are in favour of a law to combat hatred speeches, adversaries are arguing that all censure acts aimed at hatred speeches could also be used to shut down the government's position. We have a few initiatives against hatred and, at the same time, we want to maintain freedom of expression. Following the unrest in Mandalay in 2014, Panzagar Network launched the Facebook embroidery product "Flower Speech", with which the user can put anti-hate language labels on the post.

In Myanmar, Mr President, Commissioner, Panzagar and other public sector organisations have held lectures and seminars to open the debate on variety and lifelong training as a means of combating hatred and scare. The search for keywords can be unsuccessful, so the hatred address must be supervised by hand. Intelligence could help Myanmar residents manage the fast flow of information on Facebook.

It is frightening to think of teaching nearly 10 million Facebook people in Myanmar how to think about Facebook contents in a critical way now that they are already browsing the public area. La Wun Ye's only academic grade newscast course is at the Myanmar Institute of Theology.

They used the syllabus to address the unprecedented information needs of Myanmar. The Myanmar ICT for Development Organization (MIDO) began in 2012 as a champion of high-quality, accessible and equitable electronic accessibility for all in Myanmar. It also collaborates with other public sector organisations to increase public speaking hatred on the web and provides "Safe On-line Space " training on message competence, the web and mobil 101, peace-building through on-line activity and responsible use of Facebook.

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