The best Myanmar website Myanmar Daily Movie

Best Myanmar Website Myanmar Daily Movie

Best and most expensive hotel in downtown Yangon. Inhouse-films, DVD/CD-player, daily newspaper, coffee machine, room safe. Receive daily news briefings directly to your inbox. Find out why individuals can watch classic Burmese films online through one of Burma's classic websites. This website offers both a daily and weekly schedule.

Myanmar UNESCO | The Career Service

This profile was created by a group of interns who completed a work placement at UNESCO in Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar in 2015 as part of the UNESCO Sommerpraktikumprogramm. The daily living in Yangon was perhaps the most enjoyable part of this placement and an important factor in my decision to work there. Myanmar's peoples are sincere, friendly and inviting, their societies are very coherent and the altruistic structure is deeply rooted in their interrelations.

Joining an unofficial road group called Chinlone (Myanmar's tradition of sport). He was interested in the dissemination of sports outside Myanmar. Reflecting on these issues has made me think about the best and most fair way to really "help" those in less developed world. But this traineeship also helps me to confirm the conclusions that NGOs and socially responsible companies are an effective means of fighting extreme poverty and an organisational structure with which I will work in the years to come.

In Myanmar I used to love my stay and will be working there again in January 2016. I' ve worked with the Centre of Excellence for the Development of Skills in International Cooperation, a public-private relationship between PepsiCo and UNESCO. They asked me to support the development of their classes, as well as the development of management and finance forecasts.

Having worked directly at the local college, which is far from Yangon city centre, my daily lives are rather quiet. Working at my own junior high from 9.00 - 16.00 and the remainder of the day I was with my mates. Sometimes I'd go to Yangon City for dinner, to the shops or to the movies.

Myanmar is currently in a very interesting transitional period. They are waiting for the November elections and the FDI that will come. I am very interested in Myanmar to invest in the country's bright prospects and to participate in its economical development. Simultaneously, the work on this public-private relationship has given me some insight into working with Myanmar's administrative organizations.

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