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Decorated with poppy seed (Myanmar Pan Cake) meal from Bamar People. Burmese videos, Myanmar Movie Review, Show on Cinema, Most Popular Myanmar Movies. You are the most popular site in Myanmar (local base). Explore the best restaurants in the area and share your moments. Reporting on Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

The Shan Noodle originates from Shan State, the east part of Myanmar.

The Shan is native to Shan State, the east of Myanmar. The Shan Juodle is easy, simply cooked noodles, poultry crème, peanut, tomato puree and green onions blend and ate! As a rule, it is served with cucumbers and roasted ribs of pig. The Kayin breed is one of the most popular dishes of the Kayin breed, the Ta La Baw (vegetable soup).

It is not easy to find in a typical meal and cannot be obtained lightly. The Kayin tribe lives all over Myanmar. Salt whole snakeshead is boiled in an oil-based sauce, which is added as a starter and cilantro.

Pomelo, like its name crop, is alive, full of life and vigour that is unparalleled in Myanmar.

Pomelo, like its name crop, is alive, full of life and vigour that is unparalleled in Myanmar. The Pomelo is a fair trade market place that supports welfare companies throughout Myanmar. The Pomelo brand combines style and impact: each acquisition will contribute to socioeconomic transformation in some of Myanmar's most marginalized municipalities and supports unparalleled skill and craft.

At Pomelo, we strive to make a sustainable difference by offering our skilled craftsmen and craftsmen the opportunity to receive vocational and further vocational qualifications and financial rewards. We are proud to support a large number of groups and hand-picked and cared for by our Pomelo family. Joining the #DesignForChange move by attending the Pomelo stores in Yangon and Bagan, where your shopping will contribute to a better futa for the land and its population.

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