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Myanmar's best website: Discover Myanmar (Burma) and discover the best time and place to visit. In Myanmar, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and formerly and perhaps better known in many countries as Burma. Become a leading institution in Myanmar that exceeds global expectations for care and the greatest benefit for all concerned. Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business is a new initiative to promote responsible business throughout Myanmar.

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In 1997 the only cruisers for ocean travellers were Pandaw and RTM! When you want to pay this mad cash - use timpani and give the differences to the people? Most of them, like Pandaw, do not start their brief trips again until September. Yangon's THE STRAND Hotel has scheduled to start The Strand Cruise, a luxurious cruising ship scheduled to navigate the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar in early 2016.

For three or four nights the trip will take you from Bagan to Mandalay, through the Ayeyarwady riverbank, with maps of places along the rivers. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Cause you' re going to like this journey

Journey to Myanmar and explore a land of mythic scenery, old treasure and some of the kindest people you will ever encounter. You will be thrilled, impressed and fascinated by gold-plated Buddhas in Yangon and the magic Temple of Bagan to the tranquility of Lake Inle, Myanmar. Visiting Myanmar is a twenty-year tour of Southeast Asia, full of rarely seen sites and generation after generation of tales just in awe.

Join us and explore a little of Myanmar's magical world. Trips for 2019: Starting January 1, 2019, this journey will remain in our Village Lodge for an extra overnight and one less overnight in Bagan. These changes are due to the travelers' response that the fellowship visit is a high point of their Myanmar vacation and that another full moon and another full moon will allow us to dive into this one.

One of the high points of the journey is a full-length walk through the Kalaw hill and town. Experience the Myanmar countryside first-hand. Experience Lake Inle by ferry and admire the swimming pools, stilted towns and the industry.

Snack for a luncheon in a village by the lakeside. Would you like to go on this journey? The journey requires a great deal of going - often barefooted. At places like Bagan you may have to walk up sharp stairs (sometimes without railings) barefooted, but the view is rewarding.

You will live in a community lodge in the centre of Myanmar, in basic accommodations with finite capacity and equipment. A bike ride is probably the best way to see Bagan and the towns around the Community Lodge. The excursion will take you on a full-time hike through the Kalaw area. Burma is a warm and moist land in general, although it can be much colder in winters.

When you can't stand the hot weather, you should consider a journey in the colder winters (November - February). Burma is a big nation and there are many long travelers. You should be expecting to be spending a great deal of your own travel in a car when you travel between the two. Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar.

When you have a few minutes before the rendezvous to discover the city, we suggest you take the roads of Yangon. Take the Yangon Circle Line trains for a three-hour drive or go to Bogyoke Market and bargain with the natives? It is possible that you will need a cab to get back and forth between some of these rides; a one-way ticket should be around 4,000 MMK.

Maybe you want to get there early so you can get to today's group reunion and have a chance to discover Yangon. You will then go to the most sacred sanctuary in the land, Shwedagon Paya. Transfers to the antique town of Bagan (approx. 20 minutes). It is an archeological site where Theravada Buddhism was first established in the kingdom.

You begin your trip with a city drive and see the archeological site in the morning. Following the orienteering trip, you will be taken to Shwezigon Paya, one of the most important places of Buddhism in the city, which also contains a complex for the pre-Buddhist gods, the 37 Nats. You' re in Bagan all the time.

You will receive a bike and be guided through the complex by a resident tour leader. You will see many of the large and imposing Buddhist monasteries such as Ananda Pahto, Htilominlo Temple, That Bin Nyu Paya (the highest pit in Bagan), Dhammayangyi Pahto and Shwesandaw Paya, as well as some of the smaller ones with some of the smaller gemstones hiding.

For many travelers, a high point of a trip to Bagan is the option of a sunny hot-air baloon ride over the site on the morning of the 4th or 5th week of the month, according to the available time. It lasts about 2.5 hrs, with flying time averaging 45 min (can vary between 1 hr and 20 min according to the location).

Cycling through Bagan takes place in shallow ground and at a slow speed. Have a free days in the Bagan area. Perhaps you would like to devote more of your free moment to discover the stands of the archeological site, the caf├ęs in the city or the Nyaung U Markt - one of the most interesting fairs in the area.

Taxi to these locations costs about 5.000,- MMK. You can also take a full excursion to Mt Popa, a hill with convents and Stupa. Scale the 777 stairs to admire the unbelievable view from above and see the odd sanctuary dedicated to the 37 Nat-ghosts.

From 60.000 MMK your guide can help you to organize the transportation to Mt. Popa at the best prices, and the costs can be shared among the group members taking part. Today, head off the beaten track to downtown Myanmar. Trip by car for about two hour, with a stopover at a small village bus stop.

Come to your own exclusive out of Myaing City, just off Bagan, to see a ground-breaking community-based tourist effort in Myanmar. Then, in the afternoons, you will cycle through the surrounding towns. In the first hamlet, have dinner and listen to a talk about the idea from a member of the church (your guide will translate).

Activity and food will be divided between the four surrounding towns so that they all profit from the scheme. Go to a Tanaka Ranch and try the real thing you will see on the faces of many Burmese. Horseback to a second town and get to know the locals' agriculture and seasons.

When you return to the chalet, you will help with a plantation plan. Some of the local inhabitants will prepare supper and the conversation will be on. Staying at the Fellowship Laodge is easy. While you can hope that your time here will be enjoyable and worthwhile, remember that the scheme is still evolving in the sense of fellowship, and there may be some munchies.

Awake up this early today and ride to the small, 170-year-old wood convent in the vicinity. After a few moments by bicycle, you stop in a small town for a basic on-site breakfasts cooked by the locals. At the end of your day you will go by bicycle to another town, and go to a women's co-operative to find out more about weave, sew and handicraft (this is where intrapid handbags are made).

Return to the camp in the mornings and say goodbye to the town. On the way you will see the wonderful Sagaing temples, a group of gold plated stupa on the near hill. It takes about six hrs from the Mandalay to Mandalay. You will also see the world's biggest jingling bells and the wonderful Pagoda Hsinphymae Pagoda, which is located by.

On your way back to Mingun, you will be in Mandalay, where you will have plenty of free afternoon to do some of your favourite things. This evening you will be visiting Mandalay Hill, where Lord Buddha is said to have made a foot print. Remain here for the setting sun and admire the view over the sparkling Stupa and lively mosaic of the town at this magic hour of sun.

On the way you will see the U Bein Bridging, the longest teak wooden brigde in the whole wide area. You will be taken to a teaplantation and some small towns by a native tour leader. When you have evenings, you can stop at some of the city's beautiful marquees and a small village fair.

For this part of the journey you will need an appropriate degree of physical condition and be sure to wear suitable walking boots. Today depart Kalaw towards Nyuangshwe, where you will spend your day at Inle Lake. Our journey takes us to the spa of Nyuanshwe, which will be our basis for the next few nights as we head for Inle Lake.

Because of the extreme tourist traffic at the Inle-See we are not always able to provide our preferential shelter. In periods like these, we may need to remain in a lower-quality home than in other travel locations on this itinerary. You will see some of the locals living on the shores of the river, among them fishermen who use a pronounced bone breeding techniques on their vessels, swimming plantation of tomatoes and metallurgical plants such as silversmith, weaver and cigarmaker.

Phaung Daw Oo Paya, the most sacred place in the area, and take a brief look at the various pictures of Buddha. Stop in the village for a few more visits to see the natives and then return to your Nyaungshwe shelter. Spend a free time around Lake Inle.

Maybe you' ll go to the Mingala Morgenmarkt or Nyuangshwe's oldest buddhistic cloister, Yadana Man Aung Paya. If you want to go further away, you can rent a bicycle and ride to the near thermal baths, towns or wards. Maybe you' ll go to a vineyard near by to taste a glass of wine, or take a cruise to the Indein sanctuary and surrounding towns.

Trip ends with an evening meal and an excursion to Yangon city. For the last part of the trip there are no scheduled events and you can leave the lodging at any moment. Since there is much to see and do in Yangon, we suggest you extend your holiday by a few additional nights to make the most of the package.

Maybe you do some of the things proposed at the beginning of the tour or ask your guide about our Urban Adventures daily itineraries. For more information, please go to The travel finder is not available. Currently there are no regular sailings on our Best of Myanmar itinerary. For other excursions in the area, please click on one of the following routes.

Rates are changing, so make sure you book your journey today! Single room supplement for a private room can be booked on this journey, depending on available, and does not include day 6 (Community Lodge), when you are accommodated in a flat-sharing community. When making your reservation, please enter your personal data with the name of your travel document, as this is indispensable for the reservation of travel service.

In Intrepid you can choose an option to fly over the Bagan (end of October to March). As of January 1, 2019, this journey will remain for another overnight in our community center and one less in Bagan. These changes are due to travelers' comments that their community visit is a high point of their Myanmar vacation and that another full moon and another full moon will allow us to dive into this one.

Would you like a deeper look at this journey? EssenttialTripInformation provides a route description, visas, how to get to your accommodation, what is inclusive - just about everything you need to know about this quest and much more. We averaged 4.9 out of 5 of our Best of Myanmar travel, up from 436 ratings last year.

Myanmar now, while it's still untouched! This is an interesting journey to an interesting land. However, make sure you get your own your own foreign exchange before you go, it can't be changed elsewhere!

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