The best Myanmar web side

Best Myanmar Website

Myanmar Arts & Entertainment's popular list of websites. BaaganTrade is the best Myanmar website for trade and business opportunities. Their best bet is to go with the Washington DC embassy. Do you think that your company or your team is the best? The new website is an open door to who our members are, what they do and where they work.

The best places to eat in Yangon, Myanmar

It is a savoury seafood and pasta broth, a basic foodstuff of Burma. Myanmar teas contain prawn pontoons, ferment lettuce and tender lettuce of coconuts in a beautiful varnished can. Order the shisiti-pepper sprinkled with rough salted and limed pepper and our tasty burmese spiced rice and tasty rice and mushrooms.

However, the company, which has existed for generation, is best known for its FALOOODA, an India roses and vermiceli sherbet, sometimes with extra textured jellies and tappioca beads. Coco Colada - a flavoured blend of coconuts, absinth and tropic fruits - comes with a cloud of nebula and hot chocolate.


PLAY - OPEN YOUR DOORS! Do you think that your business or your group is the best? Explain why by taking part in our business simulation Open your door! JOIN IN OUR PLAY TO COMMEMORATE THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW WEBSITE! The new website is an open portal about who our members are, what they do and where they work.

FREE-OF-CHARGE ADVERTISEMENT AND PROMOTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! PROVE YOU ARE THE BEST! It' s simple: show us what you're made of and why you think you're the best. 1 - Make a brief 2-minute movie about your business and your staff, make a brief slide show and take a photo of your group.

2 - We publish your slideshow, your videos and photos on our website, in our member directory, we split them on Facebook, and then we let our users decide who they think is the best. 3 - The winner can remain on our website and receive, among other awards, a one-year free membership.

I don't want this tape to last longer than two mins. The following criterions should be considered: a strong sense of teamwork, creative thinking and the best possible way to present your business. Brief text introduction of your business and your teams of up to 1000 characters, in additon to your full name, job title and e-mail address and the business name.

Appears as 1 image of your group ( (maximum 10 people) showing your creative minds. Her corporate image. Lists of members of the teams taking part in the match (maximum 5 to 10 persons). YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MATCH AND THE INSTRUCTIONS AND LAWS.

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